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This is what I read for my Birthday in a newspaper yesterday




June 18, 2009

On a luck scale of one to ten you are a nine at least and with Jupiter, planet of good fortune, active on your birthday you only have to put a name to your dream to see it instantly come true. Watch what you wish for!

I must be having much luck in my future!!

Anyway, just wanted to share this with everyone from yesterday. I knew there was something special about me.

Believe in yourself and all things are possible.

posting again soon,


It’s Autistic Pride Day Everyone!

The time has come to come as one. The has come to settle our differences. The time has come to let go of our fears. This year Autistic Pride Day is going to bring joys to everyone. Autistic Pride Day was started by
Aspies for Freedom an organization in United Kingdom part of the neurodiversity movement.

Many people need to think positive and realize every one has differences. Some are a little worse than others, but in the end we are all people.  People trying to earn a living in and make a  career which can help us be proud. Today everybody comes together to earn themselves a pat on the back for as little or as much proud success they achieved even if it is very simple. A step in the right direction is learning to cue ourselves sometimes and say to ourselves “We are becoming a person more and more each day.”

It’s Autistic Pride Day and it is time to celebrate! (BTW it is also my birthday too)

Autistic Self Advocacy Network Nothing about us without us

“How little a thing can make us happy when we feel that we have earned it.”
Mark Twain (1835 – 1910), The Diaries of Adam and Eve


Life goes up and down, but we only need to think Positive

My life in the past month and a half has been very stressful. Sometimes I don’t know what my life will give me from day to day. Every body around me says I need to focus on one thing at a time and to think positive because positive thinking leads to a positive way of life. In order to think positive we also (me especially) need to move forward a long the time continuum.

At the end of my life it will be time to reminisce about my past. The past is for the time when we are only thinking about the happy times. The sad, angry, or hurtful times are the part our memories which we only need to learn from to move forward.

As I turn 30 years old tomorrow and my website has not been updated for a month and a half, I realize I let my stresses get to me too much. I did not think things through and worried about my past too much. As I think about moving forward and being visible, I realize how important it is to move forward in my life at work, at home, and with friends. If I can’t move forward, I can’t have a decent life where I can live it to the fullest.

Many people do care about me and feel I am one of a kind who is very bright and humble. I need to stay stronger than I ever was. Today is the day I am going to strengthen my soul and toughen up to be able to move forward. Besides I have much business to attend to now. I have a month and a half of catching up to do on this website.

I know I have my whole life ahead of me actually at most 2/3 of my life left over, so I start a journey to my new era tomorrow when I turn 30 years old.

posting again soon,