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Respecting and Recognizing Others is Important for Humanity

Identifying ourselves…

In order to identify ourselves, we have to remind ourselves what we do, where we came from, and who we are. The poll question on the side column of this website expresses just that. It has been asking you to figure out how you would want to identify yourself. Identity is important for our own Humanity and it is defined by diversity since we all identify ourselves differently. Identity is important!

Many able-bodied people try to define people with disabilities including Autistic people without the expressed consent from Disabled people themselves. This is unfair and does not express the meaning of someone’s life. Mostly, many people try to instill person first language on the disability community as well as pitying us to separate a part of who we are from our own humanity. Telling others how to identify themselves is not a right of any one to do to the disability community nor to any body else. It does not allow any one to identify themselves properly. Instead, it expresses the interest of eugenics to society like the Nazi’s did to many cultures in the 1930’s and early 1940’s.

Society is beginning to change, but we need more progress, a lot more progress. Society encourages eugenics as a means to decrease diversity. People don’t need this to be encouraged, but the mainstream media, corporations, and organizations like Autism Speaks does this all the time which influences the government who controls society. When are the majority of people going to understand that we have many different ways of identifying each other and that each label is a part of who we are? No one has a right to tell a person that they can not identify themselves in such a manner. Most people believe in the Medical Model of Disability which expresses to so many people that society needs to use person first language. However, to be able to truly identify yourself, you should be able to first accept everything about yourself including anything disability related.

No one should feel that their disability is seen as less than Human, after all we have many markers in our genetic make up which defines us as well as the fact that disability is a part of the human experience. There are many disabilities and mental health conditions that disable Humanity at any point in time, autism being one of many disabilities. It’s important to accept your own Humanity about what you can do and what you struggle doing on an everyday basis.

We identify not only ourselves, we also identify other people, animals, material things, and the environment we live in. We acquire different things in our life, but most importantly we always acquire different disabilities throughout our life. So, why does many people become ashamed of what makes them Human? Society has trouble comprehending and accepting every culture or religion that instills itself inside the world. We have different cultures and religions because everyone lives a certain way that creates their own unique way of life. No one has a right to tell any one that their own unique way of living and identifying themselves is wrong. People live in so many ways! In fact, if you watch the movie “Nell” with Jodie Foster and Liam Neeson from the late 1990’s, you’ll see an excellent portrayal of the fight to live your life the way you know how to and to be able to identify yourself.

The problem with society is that their is too much discourse and in a lot of times, violence, because the majority of people argue over what culture is better, who should be leading, and the amount of money people have trustfully earned for themselves to create a better society. Because of the discourse, people begin hurting each other or themselves. Accepting yourself and other people will create a better society where we begin living peacefully. By allowing everyone to live their life, we begin to embark on our quest to fulfill our missions without trying to take from others, without identifying other people with a different marker to identify themselves with, and/or without trying to hurt others including the youth who are the next generation. We need to start delivering a message that Humanity is a precious commodity and that we are all here for a reason. The children of today are our next generation for tomorrow, so we need to teach children that Humanity respects, accepts, does not hurt each other, and earn a living trustfully. No matter what, if we do it right, the children of today will create a better society where no one hurts, no one crosses another’s boundaries without permission, and everyone respects any one, otherwise society will not tolerate it!

Every culture is different which is why we have a whole world to live it in. No one can decide in the world to create a society in which diversity lacks. However, we have billions of people in this world who have a mission to live their life the way they know how to, and no one can make any one in this world feel like they are any less Human.


A Look at Some things that Make Us Human!

I am creating this list of different things that make us Human. Some of these things are similar, some of these things are different, and some of things may not be on the list. Please contact me on my contact form above if you want something added to the list! Eventually this list will be a very colorful portrayal of what makes up the Diversity of Humanity!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 6.40.36 AM

Have an AWESOME weekend with your family, friends, animals, and/or other interests celebrating DIVERSITY, BIODIVERSITY!!!

Don’t forget either:



Autistic Community for Equality (ACE) Initiative and Reminder for June 18, 2014

Joining forces toward equality
for everyone,
returns the favor in our nation,
and the world.
The Equality we want,
is the equality everyone needs.
Some things don’t change,
since a lot of people don’t like change,
while some things need change.
The change we need to see
is the change to incorporate
acceptance of
diversity and equality
for everyone in the world,
in our society, to understand,
and have respect
for one another.
If someone is Disabled and Autistic,
they are Disabled and Autistic, but
we need others to respect
and fulfill the
Disabled and Autistic person’s
wishes to learn and work a career,
as a non-disabled person does.
We need to establish change
to help those struggling most
gain rewards in their life,
and remember what everyone
receives credit for;
Being one of the many billions of
Human beings striving for success
for equality.

On that note, here is a reminder about Autistic Artistic Carnival, for June 18, 2014: Autistic Pride Day!!! More information to be posted soon with a post about it often. This is for ALL Autistic people to remember to get their thinking and creativity caps on for the Autistic Pride Day Event of the YEAR!!!!



Autism Network International’s Annual Autreat once again this past week!

Autreat was once again an amazing AUSOMELY Awesome time!! Please check your references in google as Autism Network International is one of the first Autism organizations which started in the 1990’s for and by Autistic people. Anyway, Autistics grow up to become Autistic adults and it’s proven when any one goes to Autreat. Though, any one from all ages can go to Autreat for their own Autistic space. Every year since 2009, Autreat will honor those Autistic children who crossed the ages from childhood to adulthood, from the ages of 18 to 22, by an honorable ceremony called ‘Autreat’s Amazing Adulthood Acclaimation Achievement’. This year I was a witness to one of those 3 Autistic adults. Autreat was at California University of Pennsylvania in California, Pennsylvania. I loved having my own Autistic space where I don’t have the Neurotypical pressures from society. I wish I would have known about Autreat in 1996, when I was in high school, because it would have given me a better sense of who I am in my life. However, we can only move forward and enjoy the fact I found Autism Network International now. This year at Autreat, I needed to step up to the plate and help the Autistic children’s program continue when the the leader in charge of the program did not feel well. As soon as I heard this person was not feeling well, I called my parents to send over my records by FAX to be able to work with the children at Autreat. I knew this was an important acclamation I needed to do, so I did what was necessary to keep the children safe, secure, and enjoying their time at Autreat while their parents can enjoy their space too. It was an outreach opportunity for me that I needed to do sacrificing some of my time, but still enjoying Autreat. During the goodbye ceremony, everyone at Autreat gave me a huge Flapplauding and a Woo HOO!! Great times at my second Autreat! Jim Sinclair expressed his gratitude for me, when I stepped up to the plate to help out. When I wrote on the wall of achievements about helping other Autistics in society, at the of Autreat, Jim exclaimed that “I am already doing that; helping other Autistics” and to keep it up. I immediately walked out feeling great and wanting to call my parents to let them know!! My parents were very proud of me. A lot of people at Autreat told me how I am so Ausomely Awesome! My leadership is growing… Autreat is a special place in my heart and in the hearts of many Autistic people everywhere. It’s a space where there is no judging, no grudges, no gossip, no drama, and no Neurotypicals antagonizing us. It’s a way for us to live a free thinking culture! There were so many great people there and this year proved that even more. It’s sad every year to leave Autreat behind until next year, but we have no choice to go back to Neurotypical society. At least we have the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and Greater Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership groups to go to during the year, but it still does not replace the essence of Autreat over the summer. From the children to Adults who have never been to Autreat, there needs to come a time for society to accept Autistics as the way they are. Autistic culture is everywhere!!!

It proves why I want to help other Autistics out there and why I am now working with an agency in New York now helping other Autistics be interdependent like I have become. The explanation about interdependence proclaims that no one in this world is fully independent, everyone in this world is interdependent. Independence is important, but being interdependent is more important, because everyone needs to rely on someone at some point during a day, just take a look at people relying on public transportation or relying on car maintenance. I am currently working part time, but hopefully working full time soon. During my work with another Autistic adult, I am teaching him the very essential skills he will need to lead his own life like self-advocacy, independent living skills, social learning, to embrace who he is and be accepted by others. It’s important for anyone to learn to be self-determined, independent thinker. Something we all are learning to do as we age from one year to the next. Many people cherish certain things from Autreat, but for me, I cherish being able to independently choose what I want to do which is what I will be teaching. May be Autreat is only supposed to be for 1 week a year over the summer, but it lives in our hearts throughout the year to remind us it’s there once a year for any Autistic person needing to just get away from Neurotypical society for only a week. In the end, we need to feel included with Neurotypical society and feel accepted by the rest of the world. From Autistics being accepted and embraced by everyone, we will only have achieved a human rights victory where no matter who a person is, what they do positively for society, and where they come from, people will look at anybody as a human being with a beautiful mind. Hence, Autistics and Disability does not have to be looked down upon in society while neither does anyone else regardless of their religious beliefs, race, culture, sexuality, etc. A few years back in 2011, I went to Salem, Massachusetts to learn about the history of witches and why they were hunted. I learned so much like how society always tries to find some body of people to hunt down and dissolve. Human beings need to accept other Human beings from now on. Don’t look down upon anyone and believe that life is diverse from Human beings to Animals. By doing so, when a child reaches adulthood, they will find a woman or a man to love and teach the same to their children. GRASP and ASAN always talk about Neurodiversity, but it really is the essence of Biodiversity we need to all embrace. Next year Autreat once again for my 3rd year hopefully… I met friends in person for the first time and saw friends I’ve already known in person.

Looking forward to my future endeavors hopefully with full time outreach work! YAY!!! Any Autistic person from any age please somehow get to Autreat sometime in your lifetime.


Up Where We Belong toward Autism Acceptance

Stimming is something I do too. It makes me feel happy. I have always done it and still do to make me feel happy. It’s a relaxing thing to do when when I am feeling over stimulated, over anxious, and sensory overloaded. Part of stimming for me is flapping, spinning, and finding an area where I can apply deep pressure on to my body like on my bed or the carpet in my room. I have done this my whole life. Stimming is short for self-stimulation and is a key trait for the Autistic spectrum.

Professionals and other people may feel this is inappropriate for society, however those people need to understand what diversity is all about. Every one is different and stimming for a person on the Autistic spectrum is something we need to do to comfort us.
When talking to some people and professionals who think stimming relates to unpredictable behavior, they need to get inside a brain of an Autistic person to understand the purpose of the stim.

Even if we have to use ear muffs to focus on another person because otherwise we can’t focus discreetly from the outside distractions, than let us to be able to focus.

It’s almost the end of Autism Acceptance Month, but we still are in the Autism Acceptance decade. The decade where people will accept diversity, human diversity of cognitive abilities and biodiversity itself. Next time you yourself disproves diversity, remember this: It’s time for a positively diverse society. The time is now for everyone’s positive talent(s) for society to be accepted, appreciated, respected, and given a chance to prove to the world the positive differences we can make in this world. There is so much positive things all of us can do for society, yet most of us are not accepted or appreciated of what we can do.

Helping others is important and not helping is no journey at all. Outreach is so important in paying it forward. By paying it forward, we embrace life, it fills us up with joy, and we make a difference. Every one’s journey toward the acceptance of others, and the most important part of accepting ourselves is an experience unique to us. Yet, we journey thousands of miles every day in our mind and back to the outside world to believe we can do it, we can be successful, and we can make that positive difference we are all meant to be doing. Life spins us, lifts us, pounds us to the ground, and cracks us up with laughter every second of our life even makes us cry, however no body is guaranteed to be wrong. Yet, Autism Acceptance is so important for diversity.

Finding ourselves and finding our comfort zones is important. That is why stimming is an important part for people on the Autistic spectrum. It makes us a culture of people that change the world from the Neurotypical thinking. Neurotypical thinking from a typical person without autism shows society there is only one way to survive in this world to understand the NT taboos “in’s and out’s” in society created by the majority NT community. It’s very important to have ethical standards set in place for every one to know and understand. Neurotypicals and Autistics (as a whole) need to meet somewhere in the middle for understanding and peace. People study us in research to be able to understand us. May be people who research us should spend more time in the community getting to know us and getting inside of our heads instead of using MRI technology or other tests to better understand Autistic people as a whole.

There are different ways an Autistic person (as a whole) is, in society. Some are nonverbal. Some have seizures. Most of us stim. Most of us have sensory issues. Some have echolalia. While a lot of us are not nonverbal, some are selectively mute, some are highly verbal, and some have other issues like being face blinded. People on the Autistic spectrum are like the Neurotypical spectrum because we all experience what is, humanity. We all experience being happy, sad, angry, mad, crazy, frustrated, depressed, wander, etc. Whether you are on the Autistic spectrum or you are not, people on the Autistic spectrum like myself express those feelings differently. Feeling awkward in society because you are not like the majority of the people around you does not mean you are not up where you belong. Feel the gift(s) you have to have a positive experience in the world to make a positive difference in this world. Remember this: Don’t let any one pull you down or push you around, Move Forward to be the best you can be to make the changes you want to see in yourself and society for acceptance of diversity. Out of the darkness and into the Sun, I see the rainbow bursting through with diversity everywhere. Whether you are on the autistic spectrum or not, any person can do things to be positive productive members of society. You just need to find your niche, work hard to build it, outreach to others, and pay it forward!

BTW, Positivity Day is approaching us once again, so get ready for an Extraordinary Positivity Day!

Here are a few lyrics to Jennifer Warnes and Joe Cocker’s song “Up Where We Belong”

Love lift us up where we belong
Where the eagles cry
On a mountain high
Love lift us up where we belong
Far from the world we know
Up where the clear winds blow

It’s been a while since I have been posting. I just wanted to tell my DMC readers that I am here still and building up what I need to say. Building myself more to outreach to others on the Autistic spectrum to build Autistic culture as a whole! Got to get moving to show y’all more of what I do with my art.