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9/11/II Tribute


9/11/II poem by Jason Ross

Sometimes our hearts fall in to what
we may call a trap,
We hit rockbottom
and the days seem longer.
Something spills inside of us
to reveal the uttermost tears
filling our eyes to the outside world.
Our blood is spilt, ready to pour out
in to the liberating field of our
body. We cry as we see the outside
world changing, we walk down our streets
knowing we feel too sad.
Our lives are cautious from this day forward,
our minds are wandering in to a new
dimension. We see what happened
on that day of 9/11/01 as we notice
the changes taking place.
10 years later, we can still
remember, remembering the
life we lived back then,
and planes soaring in to the sky
through buildings and forests.
Today on this day of remembrance,
we concur that our faith still exists,
our lives have come together,
and we bonded with the rest of society.
It doesn’t matter what kind of person
we are, it really does not matter,
all that matters is how united
we become. By the end of each day
especially on 9-11, 10 years after,
no matter what happens,
whoever the person is,
wherever the person lives,
and whatever the person does,
we become united.
The union becomes difficult to
keep up with these days at times,
but no matter what our union
should give us or take from us,
we should feel feelings of joy
comfort, and love. Sometimes our
lives feel threatened,
sometimes the fear becomes stronger,
and sometimes the fear just inhibits
us from doing anything.
The more our society comes together,
the stronger we become against that fear,
that loneliness, and we feel the solitude
to live our lives independently away
from our fear, but still connect.
Sometimes we may feel trapped, sometimes
we may feel hurt, and sometimes we may
feel like crying to the beat of our own drummer.
Most importantly, we consider 9/11 a day
to forget about our problems, just be,
and love every part of nature and people.


I sense the difficulties every one has these days with keeping and/or maintaining a job, realizing this difficulty we have grown far a part from each other. Society gives us something good in our lives and we need to appreciate the gifts in life we receive. Sometimes in life we just need to love more than we ever have. I’ll remember you, will you remember me? Remember 9/11 brings us closer and more united. That is a saying we need to hear when a person moves on from us. Always remember that as you move forward in your life. We need to always look to the future and look back only for just a glimpse since we are always watched by those who have crossed over until it is time to meet them once again. Listen up, we need to live together because we are all connected finding our way to be united. Life is a journey and no body can do it without any support, but we are still independent. Independence does not mean no support at all because we are interdependent. Interdependence means we need to have the support to walk by ourselves, eventually doing it on our own. In the end, we cross over to the other side feeling achievement for what we did.  We care too much about those people who died in our past, but life is a sky full of lighters (angels) who guide us through our life. We need to come together united always and give anyone support forgetting what we represent. Live your life, live it well, and never let any one out of your sight who could potentially help you in situations where you need help. Its our only chance, our 1 chance to change, and always be united.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you remember what your life can do to help another. Life is too precious and too short to think about yourself.

posting more soon,


There is a difference between Fear and No Fear, Know the difference

The only reason why people hate is because deep down inside they also fear something so intense they can’t resist the fear. Instead they use a defense mechanism to hate certain people, creatures, and things. It is incredible why people fear so much. Fear is a dangerous incline to hate.

It happened to Anakin and Tom, so why would anybody allow it to happen to themselves.

Remember fear is an incredible statement which proves destruction. We need to love and stay focused on our tasks. If we want to do something, we do it, we don’t just think emotionally. Think of our discovery of self. Theory of Mind. What is theory of Mind anyway? I guess it is time to read up on it now. One last thought to remember the construction of every person in this world is found by positive reinforcement and love. Anybody who fears too much needs some kind of help.

Pictures to come of Chloe in the snow!!!

I know I hope to make it to the Bronx Zoo this week. That would be fun.

Have Fun this weekend!


Some say love is a relationship, well for me it is our relationship with G-d

I want to tell everybody, my relationship with G-d and everybody’s relationship with G-d. This song really reminds me of this relationship. This is our ultimate relationship in which we all should keep. The relationship which will always be there to help us and guide us even when we are all alone. Loneliness does not exist, solitude always does. I am was never lonely, I was just in solitude and I continue to live in solitude since my relationship with G-d is stronger than anything the universe has ever seen. We all have this relationship and must realize this relationship exists as well. It is what gives us strength and unity. We must think about not just the people who we are in relationships with, but the ultimate relationship instead. I wish other people could live in solitude like I can.

Enjoy this, it is wonderful!


I am following my heart in to my dreams coming true

I do what I need to do in order to get what I want.  Many people in my life right now pull tricks on me because they may seem as if I am a  fool.   They don’t realize I am no and as soon as they realize I am not,  I have pulled the rug right in front their faces making them fall flat on their face.  I will do this all the time to prove to this world who I am and what I can do.  I encourage all other Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders to do the same I do to make the rest of the world seem like a fool.  Anybody who thinks Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders are fools are really the fools themselves. We are the smart ones out there, and all the Neurotypicals in the world are the fools who don’t realize our full potential in life.  We can do so much more with ourselves if you give us early intervention and accept us as people who live in this world too.

Think about this and never do anything to hurt us or create a sense we are fools because all of you are the fools who think this about us.

A fool is someone not realizing someone else is smart so they will do whatever it takes to show the smart ones are stupid.  Usually caused by Jealousy.  Jealousy hurts a lot when a Neurotypical person does things to smart good people to hurt them.

Don’t ever hurt someone who is smarter than you because you are Jealous.  I find I have been hurt so many times in my life.  People can be really cruel in this world.  No body needs to see another person who is being cruel to me or someone else on the Autism Spectrum.  No body deserves to be hurt.

In any case, I hope I can continue to do better things in this world.

posting again soon,


There are going to be changes in this world now

The many changes to occur are going to start tomorrow after the elections.  We will finally find out who will be our next President of the United States of America.  This person whether Barack Obama or John McCain will be featured everywhere.  Whoever it is, will have the trouble of his lifetime to get this country and this world back in to order.  It will probably take a good 10 years before this country sees any major positive feedback in the economy.  Unless there is a miracle of something that could happen.  I hope there is.

May be people will stop being greedy and accept there will be cap salaries for all jobs/careers.  No body should get more than 1 million dollars no matter what.  Baseball players don’t even deserve any of the money they get paid by these ball clubs.  It amazes me how many Baseball players who are paid muti-millions of dollars will no longer be the star they once were. Baseball is America’s Pass time.

How could this be? I thought they were given the money because they were stars. Not even a star in the sky is worth anything like what these baseball players get.

We need to rethink America.  We need to achieve something so big in which people remain humble and proud of who they are.  Being true to yourself is the most important part of life.  Patience is another. Humble people are very important in this world to spread the word of love and cherishment.  I hope this new President of the United States of America can live his life with the same satisfaction as everybody else.  I hope this person can speak to the public like he is one of us, not above us.  No individual human being is above another human being. We are just here to be human and to appreciate what we all bring to the table of life.  Life’s journey speaks for itself.  People need to understand what a positive perspective can do to help everybody become an achievement in this world.  Any achievement anybody makes is not always big and not always small, it all depends on you and your potential.

If you have potential to do well, you can be the best. It all depends on how you focus and live your life. I hope this Autism site shows the whole world, Autism Spectrum Disorders is to be taken seriously by saying these types of people like myself can or will continue to be a contributing members of society.  We can do the same things like Neurotypicals, but we just need encouragement.  We don’t want people creating a vision of no Autism Spectrum Disorders in this world.  Autism Spectrum Disorders is something that just is, and needs to be accepted, encouraged, and supported not turned against us to discourage us.  We have potentials far greater than what Neurotypicals know and see.

The next President of the United States of America will be the person who will hopefully continue to bring light to the subject of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities like what the ABC news site has given all of you.

This is what I need to say tonight.

Vote tomorrow and hope your candidate can make it. Please get your voice out, I will!

Positive achievements needs to be embraced and spread to others. Hopefully others who achieve similar things, remember who gave them their achievement(s).  Unfortunately, there is always somebody who forgets who got them where they are today.  I will never forget who got me where I am today. I will always be indebted to everybody who helped me out in every step of the way.

For every great man or woman,  there is many great men and women deep within them. Remember it and don’t forget it!