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Frequently showing what can happen to a person when people don’t Believe

First off, you must always doubt the people who don’t believe in you because every belief we say or do is trying hard to succeed. After having major surgery 3 months ago, I feel as if my stamina is not all there. I can’t make it through a whole day, but I try to anyway. Every one tells me I need to give it more time because it was very major.

A belief I sure have in my mind is to stop other people’s influences/beliefs that I can’t do it. I have already proven I can do it before my surgery. The surgery was a realization for me to tell me I have to slow down. Even though the surgery did slow my stamina.

A wise person once told me I can only make it once I distract myself from other people telling me how to do something or telling me I can’t do it.

I listen to those wise words very carefully in my head. I know what I can do, I know I can lift myself passed the issues of others who don’t want to see me succeed while I also see the people who cheer me on the sidelines as I try and believe. The ones who can’t see me succeeding are the people who need a life lesson in self-esteem and hidden agenda of belief.

Six months from now in September 2009, my life will be different. I will be fully functioning and able to spend each day making achievements. I know I will prove those wrong who doubt me. I always have.

A lullaby I just wrote: (sing this lullaby to whatever tune you’d like to)

Here I stand
Here in my heart
I see the giant leap of faith
guiding me thro’
fro fact to fiction
to livin’ my own dream.
Rockaby sweetheart
Rockaby sweetheart
I can have anything I want.

It is very small, but a good initiator for life.

posting again soon,