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a store where I live

There is a store where I live called Mr. Oz that sells lottery tickets, magazines, newspapers, and school supplies for the students in public school. Now this is supposed to be a decent place with clean material.  But, yet I experienced something from them very disturbing.   I went to the store to buy a lottery ticket and the Post one day. And the kind gentlemen at the store was at the cashier and says to me. Will that be all, sir? I said yes.  Then, went to hand him the money I owed him and before he takes my money he waits for the store to empty out.  Then he whispers, Psssssssst, do you want to buy something special off of me?  I say ‘What? I am here to buy just these 2 things, NO! Then he says No really I think you might enjoy this. And I say “No.” then he says wait here and I will get it and then you will look and see if you want it. He comes back 2 minutes later and in his hands is a porno dvd.  I’m like, Look sir, I don’t know what your problem is but if I wanted to buy a porno dvd I know where to go,that looks sketchy sir. I am not doing that. He says are you sure? alright, think about it. and I gave the money and left.

What a crock, this type of store is. Why do they sell dirty porno dvds of naked women when they are supposed to be clean and not sell that kind of stuff. I mean there young kids in that store. That drives me crazy.

Anyway, like I said there are places better to buy that kind of stuff you or I want to.

Don’t go to Mr. Oz.

Out, J