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The Right things to do in Daily Life

There are many things to do daily to maintain ourselves. Every one knows what to do, but sometimes they choose not to do what is right and sometimes they need help. The skills we learn from daily living skills arise in three parts; personal hygiene, boundaries, and chores/work. Many people don’t realize it, but it all depends on someone’s strengths and weaknesses. Some people may have a harder time doing one thing than somebody else who thinks its easy. Every one has different needs and different strengths which build yourself and relationships.

Activities of Daily Living are guidelines for outside activities which start from ourselves to the outside world. It is a way of forming better relationships. Some of these things may seem embarrassing, hilarious, or sad, but they are all very serious. When we are children typically we are supposed to learn these skills to help us through the world when we become adults. Some of these issues why people don’t learn the skills right away are neurological. People may have a harder time listening from other people especially someone like myself on the Autism Spectrum who is a visual learner. Sometimes it is also a focusing task if you really have a hard time disposing of bad habits.

I feel it is a little bit of both neurological and focusing on trying to establish better habits for the neurotypical world. My mind feels utterly confused at times and embarrassed when I think about some of these activities which have to be done each day. A simple task of making a decision to carry a handkerchief or pack of tissues could be one of the most annoying things to think about. It is always hard to decide what to do first, second, and last. Every one is different and has different needs. I need to focus on my needs.

Boundaries means realizing somebody else when forming relationships. A relationship forms because two or more people believe they like each other and feel comfortable with one another. There is no harm towards anyone in the relationship and everyone understands each other. Every one in the relationship must focus on whoever is speaking and know when to be together. If someone in the relationship is having a hard time with an issue, they can help each other with the problem. In a relationship, every one involved helps out with troubled personal weaknesses by using their personal strengths. A bond which grows because there is give and take.

Now to make a relationship grow, we must first learn every individual has a life outside the relationship. Each individual may have chores and personal hygiene to ensure their outside world sees a good non-intruding person. The first step entering in to a relationship is personality. The next steps are proper ways to be with people. For example, not washing your hands after the bathroom or before eating could repel people. A relationship grows because the members of the relationship continue having meaningful experiences and help each other even if it means to leave one of the members alone for a couple of days. The key is every body needs to balance their life of solitude and being with others.

There are important tasks to get done daily to be able to not stand out. The most important task to do is to figure out how to make a simple decision of what activity to do first. Human beings need to write things down to get things done. When we write anything down, we want to make sure the decision of what order to do things is a good way of doing our activities. For example, I sit down in my room everyday trying to make a schedule of what to do first, second,…, last, but I don’t know what to write down first. Today I finally wrote something down. For me the first thing I need to do during the day is stretch my arms and look out the window to see light or to turn on the lights. Then, I need to write some notes down on a piece of paper. By doing so, I can start my activities of daily living.

It is time to begin the day with finding my way to better living, healthy living.

Now it is time for the discussions amongst DMC readers to elaborate, analyze their skills, or say to themselves I know how to do this already.

take it easy and build your relationships!