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A poem called “Being a Light in a Dark World”

Being a Light in a Dark World,

by theamazinJ

I sense the light,
As an angel who
who brings love
and peace to the world.
Love is something
that we all need
so as to heal the world,
the world that needs healing
from the negative emotions
affecting so many people.
Positive emotions and feelings
don’t hurt, but are
less strong than
anyone of us knows.
I love, you love,
but we don’t need
the hate most of you feel
at the moment.
Hate that destroys
a person’s character
whether you feel the
person is less cognizant
than you, less of a person than you,
because they certainly are not.
Anyone you look at is a person,
is a human being, is a remarkable lightening
bolt the world loves.
People are people who need
to feel loved, who need to feel
what they want to feel,
whether they are less cognizant
of a person or not, they
need the strength they endure always.
I sense the light and
what you know about me is
that I am here to heal and
Everyone needs to be healed.
No one can experience
healing everyone at once.
We need to heal from each person’s
personal story too.
When we heal, we feel stronger
and can move on and forward.
Am I here for a reason?
Absolutely! I am here to help, to heal, to experience my life
the way I want it to be.
My healing powers only heal
When I am healed, then I help more,
but healing takes time
to experience the moments of life.
I am an Angel with purpose
to lift my purpose high!
I can do, I can be,
I am thou, like you.

Remember your purpose and what you can do for yourself to live your life. Angels are objective to the world’s surroundings while most people are not. It’s time for the beauty of life to experience what Diversity has always given us being neuro-cognitive diversity to allow the world to accept people to develop positive abilities. Living in this world with diversity and accepting diversity tells us that just because a person stims or just because a person seems different in any way does not mean they can not do whatever they set their minds to do. Success is best when not only do we believe in ourselves for healing who we are, but others have the all knowing in their minds that anyone can do anything positive for this world!!! Believe what you can do and feel the love deep down inside 😀

Be well and don’t forget Autistic Artistic Carnival is coming soon for Autistic Pride Day 2013 on Drive Mom Crazy Blog!!!