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attraction comes in many forms and in different ways

does it matter if the woman is of a different culture? I say, NO WAY it doesn’t matter.

As long as the attraction is there, go for it and go out and love. Because you can’t let any body including your family dictate what type of woman you go out with. I feel that if you go to a regular bar/club/lounge/ or any other events that have women and the woman is of a different culture, then go for it because attraction is attraction and you must go out and show your attraction to that single woman who wants you and you want her.

For instance, if you go on a general dating site or an interracial dating site you are more generally going to find the woman you want. And if you go to a general singles event with many different cultures there you will find the woman you want rather than go to a say an event with only one type of culture there.

This is how I feel and how I am approaching the dating scene and I feel everyone should approach the dating scene. live the moment and don’t let anyone dictate who you should or should not be dating.

Anyway, have a goodnight,

Out, J