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Today is a start of a beautiful new day

Today as we embark on our new work week, we try to envision a very good week on the job and at home.

So, to begin this work week we start out with a song from Starship called Nothing’s  Gonna Stop Us Now from the movie Mannequin.

“And we can build this dream together
Standing strong forever
Nothings gonna stop us now”

The song is very powerful and strong especially when a man and a woman fall in love together and every one around thinks it can’t work out because the two of them are very different either in culture, religion, or very different in other respects.

It’s not over till its over because till we are old and gray and on our deathbeds.  As you fight for your right to become the man or woman you want to become, people may stand in your way trying to push and shove you, but that is not how it is supposed to be. In order to get to Peace of Mind, you must get to peace of mind.

Everyone’s peace of mind is something different and what we want it to become.  Some may just want to not be influenced and try to be told what to do, yet you should always say to yourself and them, I AM ME and want to accomplish something and NO BODY tells me what I can or can not do.

If I want to be somebody I CAN.  I can be the successful person just the way many other people have been even from the past of men and women who have died like Albert Einstein (on the spectrum), Thomas Jefferson (on the spectrum), or even all those others that have triumphed and proved the whole world wrong.

There are failures in this world and those are just the people that let themselves go and let their minds detach without any goals.

REACH for the stars!

out, J