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A Poem Called “To Have or To Have Not”

To Have or To Have Not,

by theamazinJ

it happens when we think,
it does not happen viably,
living everyday,
gawking at,
watching what we like,
disbanding what we don’t,
everyday is something,
nothing can be emptiness,
nothingness or beauty,
grouping or individuality,
haves or haves not,
furthering our dreams,
looking toward who we are,
creating a new normal,
a brand new construction,
a life is worth living,
everyone has something,
without rejecting the secret,
or, with living however you want,
goals of intuition,
warping with your tribe,
flipping through the book,
gone, but not gone,
lifting with joy,
sad for something,
angry to sometimes,
fearing for existence,
happy to live,
urging the silence
following the abundance,
connecting the world,
guaranteeing observation,
gleefully determined,
everything happens the way we want
by believing in what we do,
belief for ourselves,
having the haters,
while also having the lovers,
springing board like a magnet
insisting the goal,
fueling our rights,
acting upon faith,
faith of the spirit,
faith of the the angel,
mostly, faith in ourselves.
To have or to have not,
we can have abundance
or we can have gloom,
we can have our mind
or we can live through others,
we can have much to accomplish
or we can fear for the anxiety not to,
everything is anxiety,
everything determines what you do in life,
and, everything is illuminated
no matter what,
so, go out there
and live it the way it is intended,
with the way feelings go by everyday,
with emotions, with fight or flight,
with ease or with difficulty,
with choosing to be with a tribe
or choosing individuality,
and most importantly,
choosing impossibility with possibility
because once we choose,
we choose life worth living,
and that’s the route individual citizens
want to take,
regardless of what neurodivergence living
or what social construction we want to abide by,
and what kind of a person we want to become.,
because it does not matter,
and don’t care what anyone says,
putting others messages second,
while doing something first,
nothing about us, without us,

A Poem called “It’s OK to be Disabled, It’s OK to be Different”

It’s Ok to be Disabled, It’s OK to be Different

by theamazinJ

It’s Ok,
I am disabled,
I am different,
I am vulnerable,
I don’t test well on IQ,
It’s Ok to get it wrong,
and it’s OK because I am Human,
it’s OK to make mistakes,
and It’s Ok to be open to everyone.
I am very stupid sometimes,
I am very intelligent,
I am influenced at times,
I act like a jerk sometimes too,
and it’s OK because I am Human.
I am anxious all to often,
I am angry at times,
I get stuck on my anger too much,
and it’s OK because I am Human.
I can be mean,
I can be nice,
I am different,
and it’s OK because I am Human.
I am impulsive,
I am impatient,
I am patient at times too,
and it’s OK because I am Human.
I am stubborn,
I can be closed minded,
I am open minded,
and it’s OK because I am Human.
I’ve been silent for a bit,
I’ve not been speaking as much,
it’s OK because I am Human
and need my space sometimes
to not respond feverishly
and without thinking things through
because when I am silent,
it does not mean I have nothing to say,
it just means I am Human and need my space too.
I am Human because I am imperfect,
and it’s OK not to be perfect
since I am Human.
It’s OK not to like everyone,
It’s OK to love everyone
because I am Human
and don’t intend to
hate anyone.
It’s Ok to be different,
It’s Ok to be disabled,
It’s OK to take my time,
It’s Ok to read slowly,
It’s Ok to use alternative textbook reading
to read quicker,
It’s Ok to write fast,
It’s Ok to write how I feel,
It’s Ok to think quickly,
It’s Ok to react and respond,
It’s Ok to be who you are,
It’s Ok for myself to
think through about what I need for support,
It’s Ok to self-direct my own life,
It’s Ok that everyone may not agree with me,
It’s OK if I disagree,
It’s Ok to argue my point of view,
It’s Ok to retreat to my shell,
It’s Ok to be lively and out,
It’s Ok to speak out as much as I want,
It’s OK to say NO when I feel I disagree,
It’s OK to be open,
It’s OK to come out of my hiding spot,
and It’s OK for others to be angry
when I disagree with them,
It’s OK to move differently,
It’s Ok to have different language,
because we are Human,
because we are all different,
because we all have our own ideas,
because we all have our own opinions,
because we all have what it takes to succeed,
because we all succeed in different ways,
because we are all Human
and don’t have to do things exactly in the same way,
because we all are crooked and learn to be straighter
learning to do things the right way
even when we can make horrible mistakes
that we learn from,
because we are all born differently
with every part of the way we learn and
how to live positively and to the fullest,
because we are all not even and the oddballs that we are,
because we are all weird and freaks and r*t*r*d*d in our own way
and that is Ok.
It is OK because we are Human.

Living One Moment In Time To Be Who We Are

Sometimes life hits you in the nose,
and you wonder, What the heck?
Sometimes life smacks you harder and breaks your nose,
and you say, What the hell!!
Then, you begin to realize what you were intended for,
and you say, “Ahhhhh!!”

As we mourn Whitney Houston, we realize what great talent can do for us, but we also realize the repercussions of great talent too. She suffered a great deal because she took a wrong turn. Sometimes not every one can handle the life of having great talent in their field, however, sometimes even great talent need guidance too. One moment in time that’s what friends are for, our one moment in time of pleasure and enjoyment. Our one moment in time when friends help us make the right decisions. Sometimes we don’t know what friends do for us and sometimes we just don’t know what they can do for us. However we can’t go on without friends. Sometimes it is tough to know who is being a friend and who isn’t. Whitney Houston was a great talented singer who took the road less traveled and suffered by it. Now she has died and everyone mourns…What a tragedy, what a sad moment in time to see a great singer leave us. Rest in Peace Whitney Houston.

Lately, I have learned more and more who I can depend on as friends. Some people who say they are my friends, are really just people who don’t care for my well-being. How rude of these people to actually do this to me. They manipulate and draw attention only for their own personal gain. Fortunately, I am learning to repel these individuals and be who I am.

I am a leader and no one can take that away from me. I look at my leaders before me, beside me who look at me, and they feel I can do it. That’s what my one moment in time is and I just need to stand up to accept it. No body can take that away from me whoever it is. Leadership is all about talking when every one else listens (not when someone talks not knowing what they are talking about) because being a leader takes presence, extraordinary presence. There are fake leaders and there are true leaders, however the fake leaders who think they have a presence tend to float away like dust when every one realizes they don’t know what they are talking about. Fortunately, we learn from the true leaders before us who started their leadership movements in the past to carve us to another true leader for others to follow. Sometimes we exist to fight for our rights because there are people who don’t accept who their leaders are. Some of these people who will always exist in our lives always try to take charge, but they soon realize their own realistic fate of who they really are.

Its important to be who you are (not what you aren’t) because everyone around you will see you are a fake anyway. Begin your life as who you are and take your fate to follow your dreams even if it means a little sacrifice in the beginning. It is a long strange road to success, however all of us need to have the inner strength to be who we should be, who we AUT to be.

Hmmmm, I think this leads me to wondering the lyrics of the song “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson:

“If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change.”

Everyone will feel a whole lot better once they accept who they are, be who they can be, who they are, who they AUT to be, and succeed in all their endeavors as who they are. Once you look in the mirror at what you look like, you can make changes you don’t like about yourself, and feel much better once those changes take place. Next time you walk down a street where you live, don’t think, don’t even shed a tear, just be the humble person you were intended to be to observe very closely all the people around you who may feel hurt from society. We all experience the world differently, but we all feel the same. Unfortunately there are bullies in life who try to manipulate who we are and make us afraid to become who we are. Luckily every dog has its day especially for bullies. We all experience them, we all deal with them the best we can, and hopefully our friends helps us conquer them when we need friends around us.

I have more posts on its way!!


Needing to put less pressure on myself to live better

(It is hard when we put pressures on ourselves to do things, if only we could just relax to get things done. I know I haven’t posted in a almost a week and every one probably misses my posts. I have returned to writing my posts. More inspiration, more stories of fiction, poetry/prose, pictures, and a revamping on the site with cool stuff.)

It starts off in the midst of darkness. We sit in darkness and silence wondering what will come about for us in our life. We don’t know at that time, but it is up to us to make the best possible life we can enjoy. We have to work hard at smoothing over our talent and meeting others who are willing to invest our time in us.

Can we do it? Is it that hard? Take your time out each day to be patient enough to graciously live a better life.

I have been recovering from my surgery and been trying to figure out things to do to keep my mind occupied and my windows in my brain open to new experiences. It is hard because recovering from major surgery also means it takes harder work to do all this.

As I try very hard to do the many things I want to do for my mind and I walk around building my stamina to do so much more, I begin to tire more. I need to put less pressure on myself while having more of a mindset on relaxing and enjoying the recovering process. In a month’s time, I will be set to do the many goals ready for me to get to work harder.

Anyway, I end with a poem:
It is time for a fall
in to the bright
beautiful foliage
of leaves lying
on the ground.

I sit at my desk
lonely, cold, and
grounded to the carpet
which gives me time
to think of the good times.

I wonder who will
be the leader
and who will follow
the leader crossing the

The leader becomes the hero
of our lives whether it is
just next door or right
nearby or even in our heart. I just don’t bother
to notice who came by to sacrifice their blood.

By sacrificing your blood
you become a hero in your heart.
The blood which can save
a life on this planet or just your own.
No matter what you can do for yourself!

I wonder who will be the hero and
I fear who is the villain, but
what we don’t know is
the villain only hurts us if we let it
and the villain only survives if we allow it to.

Describe your deepest fears of the unknown
and charm yourself every once in awhile
because if you do, no body
can harm you and no body can
steal your dreams away!

(posting soon enough)