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Why oh Why is the Government bailing out Big Business who don’t deserve to bailed out?

I believe it is crazy to bail out Big Business especially since the United States Government does not realize these people are too greedy.

here is a song about being too greedy:

I feel the world needs to understand these greedy people in Big Business got themselves in a mess and do not need any body to bail them out. The failure of these businesses comes at time when all these businesses caused there own problems, they are ALL not taking responsibility for themselves. WE must take responsibility for our own actions, we must not be a burden onto other people. These big businesses are acting like they are above everybody else. I do not respect any of these companies who are getting bailed out. I certainly do not respect the executives of these companies who seem not to be humble and grateful for what the world gives them.

Please think about all of this and if you want to comment or vote in the poll, it would be great! These big businesses deserve to fail. They all need to think about what they did and act differently now, act more humble and true to themselves.