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A Poem called “Bad meets Good”

Bad Meets Good,

by theamazinJ

Sometimes we feel we are good,
sometimes we feel we are bad,
sometimes we do good,
sometimes we are bad,
it takes effort to understand
it takes responsibility to know it,
life is good,
not even bad.
Life is good
cause we get to
live however we feel we want to.
Sometimes we learn from the bad,
many times we learn not,
many times we encourage debate,
sometimes we do not
and agree.
Every other times we love
no matter what,
cause it takes a journey of love
from our whole life to
continuously love,
it takes effortless emotions,
it takes effortless thought,
it’s effortless to give hug,
it’s effortless to kiss,
it’s effortless to remember
everyone in our life,
but it’s also effortless
to remember the bad too,
cause the good,
cause the bad,
and everything in between
live together regardless,
and we cannot let go
and forget either,
but we can do good
effortlessly more than
we can effortlessly do bad,
as the bad simultaneously live with the good,
we must learn to live with both,
cause in the end,
the good is good,
and the bad is good too,
it is just a different good
that we want and
it is just a different good
we choose,
cause in the end,
we create our own life,
we choose what we want,
we know what we get,
we love what we want;
we can love everyone,
we can love everything,
or, we can love some
who we feel not hurt from,
we can love some
who contribute to the same love
they have given to us.
It is our choice,
it is our vision,
it is our life,
no one can change anything any one says,
no one can tell another
what to think,
what to choose,
who to love,
how much to love,
because in the end,
it is the personal choice
of every individual,
the personal choice
of what the individual wants,
we can choose life,
we can pick and choose what we love and what we hate,
or, we can choose anger and hate.
in the end,
it is on us.
The individual as what we are,
is on us to choose
what we want,
how we are,
who we connect to,
how many we connect to,
no one can take that away
from any one.