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Finding our way for Autistic Pride Day 2010!!

Sometimes there are times when we just need to fill our lives up to be the best we can be. We need to ensure the culture we are here on Earth living in during our lifespan understands us and communicates to us in a way where we feel good about why we are here. Every one is here for a reason and for that reason we must all be living to fulfill it.

Some people might find there way in life might be more of a struggle than the next person standing right next to them who is feeling accomplished. It is important for our minds to be occupied with our interest to strengthen the interest and feel accomplished. Neurotypicals may not understand the way a person on the Autism Spectrum operates (hence, some people like to just say Autistic or Aspie depending who you speak to), but a person no matter what kind of struggle it may be needs to feel any kind of success to be happy. No body wants to fail and I really don’t blame any one for any type of failure they already have, but every one needs to be specially crafted at the interest at heart to see the interest flourish.

A way we need every one to craft ourselves is by believing who we are individually and never giving up. There are going to be times in any one’s life where people won’t understand many other people’s goals to succeed and the people who don’t understand may just ignore the very fact a person wants to succeed with bright smiles. Success comes in different packages. Some people may need a cure for their physical health problems to be able to live life more enjoyably while some people just need the confidence to speak up when necessary. It takes a lot for a person to have the courage to be able to speak up. We need to become the person we are intended for the world to admire and see an amazing interest at heart to be seen. Once every one has seen your special interest no matter who you are, every one becomes one with out any labels.

Labels are many people’s way of giving negative stigma to how a person is or even looks. There are some people who believe we, Autistics are a culture, but I believe we are trying incorporate our so-called culture to be a part of society. There is only 1 culture among us like there has been in the many years since our existence and that is the Human culture. We as human beings can be deceptive and hurtful to a another human being who does not fit in well. The Autistic population which ranges from the different parts of a spectrum living in this world even labels one another. It should not matter if a person is Autistic or not Autistic, and it should not matter what a person really is either.

The world can be a cruel place to live in, but it does not mean the world has to always be cruel to every one around them. When we are born in to this world, we are all specially gifted with something to build up on to succeed. The parents who were given to us hopefully will help us build that gift to be a successful human being and having the necessary distinctions of who we are. In the Autistic population, in some parts of the spectrum, there are people who need more support when they are younger to be as successful as myself or Temple Grandin or any one else on the Autistic Spectrum whose triumphed toward a healthy way of life. The Autistic people who feel like failures need the help mostly from others, especially from the Autistic population who have succeeded, make those who feel like failures just as good as a really successful person.

It takes time for any one to restart their path to success when any one has failed, but having people help guide us toward the future will only make the future brighter. Some people may feel their inner parts are beaten down too much feeling hurt, but this can not stop you from taking your childhood passion to heart and fulfilling your goal. The Autistic culture has only begun like the rest of the many cultures to help make our lives feel important. The importance of life is to know the Human nature we all have and to remember the Human culture is what really matters. We really need to help each other when we see someone else struggling too much because we need to give back to what was accomplished by us. It is what is intended to keep a culture, human.

Enjoy the day today on June 18, 2010 and remember to keep the sun shining over your head and giving back to those who are struggling the most like some of the Autistic population needing it a lot. This Autistic Pride Day will be the most special of them all so far. Be encouraged to give yourself back the passion you always wanted or have. It is the only way to live your life with enjoyment and giving yourself credit for yourself. We need to all feel dignified!

(By the way, June 18 is my Birthday if you didn’t know)

Later you will see whoever has given me their artwork, poetry, or original music on my site. It is never too late to email me your creative materials because Autistic Pride Day is the start of this for DMC! Just email me at autisticprideday@gmail.com and I will look it over and post it when I can.

Have a great day,


It’s Autistic Pride Day Everyone!

The time has come to come as one. The has come to settle our differences. The time has come to let go of our fears. This year Autistic Pride Day is going to bring joys to everyone. Autistic Pride Day was started by
Aspies for Freedom an organization in United Kingdom part of the neurodiversity movement.

Many people need to think positive and realize every one has differences. Some are a little worse than others, but in the end we are all people.  People trying to earn a living in and make a  career which can help us be proud. Today everybody comes together to earn themselves a pat on the back for as little or as much proud success they achieved even if it is very simple. A step in the right direction is learning to cue ourselves sometimes and say to ourselves “We are becoming a person more and more each day.”

It’s Autistic Pride Day and it is time to celebrate! (BTW it is also my birthday too)

Autistic Self Advocacy Network Nothing about us without us

“How little a thing can make us happy when we feel that we have earned it.”
Mark Twain (1835 – 1910), The Diaries of Adam and Eve