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Autistic people should…

It saddened me to see on google search, autocorrect negative phrases attached to the words Autistic people should. It even saddened me to see the autocorrect phrases beside the words Disabled people should.

This post is about all the things Autistic people should…

Autistic people should prove to the rest of society wrong about the stigmas and negative hype of Autistics
Autistic people should be able to contribute with what they can do
Autistic people should live their lives happily
Autistic people should not get upset about what other people think regardless of what society thinks
Autistic people should be be able to live life like any body else
Autistic people should do more OUTREACHING to their Autistic friends who need more help
Autistic people should listen more to the rest of society when the rest of society wants to have a conversation
Autistic people should be included in conversations about them!
Autistic people should ALWAYS move forward without looking back…!
Autistic people are…the LOVE of the World, but we are very sensitive to the world at the same time, treat us well!
Autistic people should always remember how far they’ve come while moving forward!!!
Autistic people should know we are ONE community ready to support anyone who needs it!
Autistic people everywhere should gather at Autreat!

Autistic people are amazing, gracious, curious, adventurous, creative, scientific, and able like the rest of society. Disabled people and Autistics are very much on top of their game to succeed. Autistic people should know that life is better when society does not jump down our throats for being a little different. Autistic people are different and Autistics are able to use their differences to do the things any one else wants to do too. Autistic people should prove that a label is just that a label and any one can put their mind to do anything they want to do. Autistics need the growth through love and support and can love and support any one they care about. Autistics and the rest of the Disabled folks are Human beings who are trying to live their life the way any one else wants to. Autistics and rest of the Disabled folks should be able to live wherever they want to while working harder than the rest of society because we have more strength to endure. The strength we created in ourselves only gives us a better understanding of humanity than Neurotypical society.

Autistics and the rest of the Disabled folks are given a better chance to overcome obstacles that leads us to live more fulfilled lives because we go through hell and back again a lot of the times. However we Autistics and Disabled folks are able to teach more to society if only society would listen to us more. Autistic people and the rest of Disabled folks should also listen to society more too when society wants to have a conversation with us. A lot of Autistic people and other Disabled folks who are able to strengthen themselves more should do more OUTREACH to those of our Autistic and Disabled friends who are struggling more than them. Autistic people and the rest of Disabled folks are able. Autistic people and Disabled folks should not be talked down to by any one and Neurotypicals should always be positive.

Autistic people and the rest of the Disabled folks should always KNOW we are all ONE community and this ONE community needs support to feel like a community. Together we can ALL make a difference by working together!!! Autistics, other Disabled folks, and Neurotypicals should come together as Human beings because we are made to support each other, not harm.