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Don’t be Resistant to Change, Autism Speaks!

The 5 ways Autism Speaks needs to realize their Resistance to Change and needing to find love for all Human beings:

1) Autism Speaks can’t think of everybody as Human beings because they only see what they want to see!!!
2) Autism Speaks has pronounced Autistic people as dead lives when we are very much ALIVE and Kicking!!!!
3) Autism Speaks hurts Families and Human lives!! (a pulse is a pulse is a pulse, Autism Speaks needs to let Autistic people live their lives with respect and dignity)
4) Autism Speaks won’t acknowledge that Autistic people can learn and be accomplished!!
5) Autism Speaks insists and assumes that Autistics can’t speak up for themselves, that Autism Speaks needs to speak for us!!!

BONUS) Autism Speaks thinks Autistics are incapable of doing meaningful work and helping other Autistics. They invade the media with their rhetoric. In return, the media reports negative feelings to the people they serve about how Autistic people are worthless and meaningless. However, there are so many Autistics including myself helping one another. Get Real, Autism Speaks and support Family services more and give Autistic people the right to be valued in this world!!!

Autism Speaks says Autistics are resistant to change, but they are the most resistant to change. Autism Speaks does not accept difference as a part of Human beings. Being different is a part of Human diversity, thus it’s the only way creativity flourishes throughout the world. To really know that change happens, everyone must realize that being different creates opportunities. Autistic people are different from the rest of the world, but it does not mean that we are not invaluable to the world. Autistics have more value than Autism Speaks and those people who support them even realize.

How can Autism Speaks open their eyes to Human Diversity?

Autism Speaks needs to allow every Autistic person to break their silence and listen to learn from every Autistic voice in the world in every society. They need to embark on their quest that Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and those who have also done so as well to reach out to many Autistic lives. Autism Speaks needed to be doing this all along, reaching out to see the potentials of all Autistic people everywhere in the world, but they aren’t and won’t. They need to spend their money on communication devices like the iPAD for Autistic people in all agencies, families, and schools. Instead, Autism Speaks spends their money on their salaries and research. They need to spend their money on Autistic people wanting to help and be the leaders. They need to also stop spending exorbitant amount of money on their charity events too. They need to work with Disabled people, not against us. They need to listen to Autistic voices more and listen to the computers talking for so many people who use them as well as those who don’t need it.

Autism Speaks has a big problem which is greed and not allowing Human diversity to multiply to bring about the change we need to see in this world; the love for everyone around the world.

When is Autism Speaks going to accept and love everyone?

From Bryan Adams’ song “All for Love”

Let’s make it all for one and all for love.
Let the one you hold be the one you want,
the one you need,
’cause when it’s all for one it’s one for all.
When there’s someone that should know
then just let your feelings show
and make it all for one and all for love.

Let’s love and accept each other; NOT pitying and fearing the unknown!!

Love this video:


Autistic Community for Equality (ACE) Initiative and Reminder for June 18, 2014

Joining forces toward equality
for everyone,
returns the favor in our nation,
and the world.
The Equality we want,
is the equality everyone needs.
Some things don’t change,
since a lot of people don’t like change,
while some things need change.
The change we need to see
is the change to incorporate
acceptance of
diversity and equality
for everyone in the world,
in our society, to understand,
and have respect
for one another.
If someone is Disabled and Autistic,
they are Disabled and Autistic, but
we need others to respect
and fulfill the
Disabled and Autistic person’s
wishes to learn and work a career,
as a non-disabled person does.
We need to establish change
to help those struggling most
gain rewards in their life,
and remember what everyone
receives credit for;
Being one of the many billions of
Human beings striving for success
for equality.

On that note, here is a reminder about Autistic Artistic Carnival, for June 18, 2014: Autistic Pride Day!!! More information to be posted soon with a post about it often. This is for ALL Autistic people to remember to get their thinking and creativity caps on for the Autistic Pride Day Event of the YEAR!!!!



To be an Autistic Activist, we must Promote Change to Society for Better Community

I am an activist, more than a advocate, and certainly not a token Autistic. I do the things I do in order to promote Autistic community within the whole community. Many people need to understand that the organization, Autism Speaks promotes eugenics to erase Autistics from history when their have been many Autistics throughout history before they even existed. Many researchers have an agenda too, to eliminate Autistics. I am exhausted to try convincing researchers who basically don’t fully understand the implications some of their studies they perform, may hurt us. No one wants to be researched about who they are, and certainly no one can make groups of people the same as a certain majority group of people they want to make as the standard. Life is not an objectified thing that we can just buy, there is more to life than just money. Money we earn is an excellent material to use to buy the necessary things we need for the current world we live in. The current world we live is very expensive now. Independence is great to have, but we need to understand that Interdependence is more important since we all need the support too. By researching groups of people to make them the same as everyone else, we are not accepting diversity as it stands and not supporting people.

Many people do not understand Autistic culture, like many people did not understand other cultures in the past who they tried to eliminate. Evolution is happening now as we Autistics revolutionize the world. It’s time for society to change. It’s important to know that the golden rule to always remember, when you want change,
speak up, and change the perception of society you do not like. For example, this is why many Autistics are speaking up to change the perception many people in society have right now about how they feel about us. This is the reason why the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network which began in 2006 is continuing to strengthen the movement. This is why we need to strengthen the legacies of many Autistics who have died in the past too like the recent passing of Avonte Oquendo whose legacy to bring everyone as one community continues on.

Society is built up by all of us and we need to all understand why having Autistic community within the larger community is so important. Many Autistic people today are trying to create a more inclusive society which will be accepting and tolerating as a means of making a difference. We need to create a learning environment for everyone, instead of a lot of people trying to kill each other both figuratively and literally. I am tired of hearing about stories in the news of people doing bad things to others like that. Everyone matters!!! We need to bring emotions to a balance so their is acceptance and tolerance of each other. Part of what we do today is to remember that to have a peaceful world, we need to allow everyone’s voices to be heard and listened to without people needing to raise their voice louder. When is everyone going to understand this? We need change, that is so important to society right now. We need to see in the world now the lifting of the barriers that are blocking many people from achieving their dreams, allowing everyone to live their life the way they know they can with love and acceptance.


Exploring What Makes All of Us Human

TRIGGER Warning: A foul word was used in this post.

Visualizing who we are and what we can do to make a difference is important. It does not mean wearing my own shoes or being someone else, it just means exploring yourself, but it’s also important for everyone to understand each other’s feelings. Empathy is a Human trait that everyone is born with, some more than others. My Autistic peers (who’ve I met or haven’t met) and I are stigmatized to the thinking we don’t have empathy. However, this is rhetorical myth that obviously needs to be erased from history. Researchers have their own agenda too about their feelings about Autistics.

Here is a good recent article by Lydia Brown entitled “Why the term Psychopath is racist and ableist” who discusses about how empathy makes us human. A few years back I read the book, “The Sociopath next door” and I saw on the cover that nearly 1 in out of every 20 people you interact with are sociopathic. However, it is entirely random to know who will be a sociopath and who will not be one. There is no stigma from any background of a person, and any Human being that you interact with can be sociopathic or a psychopath.

Being Human means we all feel for each other as a random act of kindness, but we feel for each other in different ways. Sometimes we feel for each other with a hug, sometimes we kiss, sometimes we pound knuckles, sometimes we shake hands, sometimes we flap, sometimes we rock, sometimes we spin, sometimes we look at each other, sometimes we even just smile, and sometimes we just know by reading each other. There are many other ways to feel for each other and sorry that I missed some. It’s important to know the ways people feel for each other and everyone has to realize this sooner or later. However, there are ways a person does disconnect from others when any one becomes intensely angry using foul language which leads to abuse of power, using weapons, or becoming physically violent toward others. However, sometimes foul language is used as means to be happy with each other like when there are adults who like to make love with their partner or use the language to establish a celebratory experience. I was always told there are two ways a person can get fucked with pleasure or when someone really manipulates to hurt you.

It’s important to remember who you are and what makes you Human. Explore your humanity! We all need to be excited and happy to be alive always remembering the tools given to us from our birth that help us to be who we are. These tools help guide us toward our goals in life in order for all of us to contribute to society. Explore your likes, your dislikes, you passions, your dreams, and find the way you want to contribute too. Not everyone likes everything, but we all need to understand the diversity of Humanity. A lot of times many people do not intentionally stigmatize and stereotype groups of people, but please do not do that. It’s important to realize everyone needs to explore what makes them unique.

Creating the goals we want to achieve allows us to establish our humanity for the future of our powerful legacy. Avonte Oquendo’s powerful legacy was to show us the importance of why Autistics like myself matter too because Autistics bring everyone together as one!!!

Have a great week!

Sometime in February be on the look out for the start of the 5th Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival promotional sign I will be creating soon for Autistic Pride Day, June 18!!!! It’s going to be AWESOME again this year and in many ways even more AWESOME!!!!


Recognizing Good Relationships is Important When Networking

It’s important to recognize the people willing to help us after we have helped them. It’s important to know what encourages us to network with people who are willing to walk a two-way street with us. Autistic people tend to not be able to recognize those people who are not willing help one another. Instead, we tend to do too much for a person with nothing in return a lot of times. In return, we learn from that situation that relationships are one-way. However, that is not the way relationships run smoothly.

Because we don’t recognize a true relationship, we tend to embark on people that don’t want to help us in return. Everyone has an agenda and wants their agenda taken care of. Many people don’t really care about any one else’s agenda unless, everyone else’s agenda is the same as there’s.

When getting involved with researchers who do research about Autism, a lot of researchers have an agenda that typically is not the same as what most Autistic people want and feel too. Researchers tend to try to promote their studies because they have an agenda too, to sell. If you get involved with a researcher, you should know what you are getting involved with and if you can gain something from it. For example, if it affects you, go for it! They want to better understand Autistic people, but you always need to analyze the situation.

Needless to say, we need to be prudent with potential new networking opportunities. For example, I have networked with many people for the past few years and have grown to know a lot of new people in my life. However, now it’s time to start growing that population of people I know into a fulfilling two-sided relationship. I have known a lot of people for a while, but have not really known what they can do for me and what I can do for them. It is nice to know people, but it’s important to recognize what the two people can do for each other. I think I have grown a lot as a person and being the adult I am now, I realize I need to focus on what I believe in not so much of what others believe in.

My belief is in Neurodiversity and the social model of disability. This does not mean that I don’t believe in medication helping many people already, it just means I believe in people putting work into their own development toward self-determination even if that means that they need medication to help with that. Any one should be able to do that without other people’s criticisms. Medications can help people, but it’s not for everyone. A lot of Autistic people have already compensated for doing things on their own without medication, but a lot of Autistic people do still need medication to help them through their daily lives for various reasons. The medications typically relieve anxiety and depression related to trying to adapt to society’s standards, but there are other medications people take too.

By being a self-determined person with or without medication, we need to recognize who will do for us and in return do for them. Not everyone will be willing to do for me or you because not everyone believes in the same things. There are many people who have different agendas and a lot of times they conflict with ours. The idea is to find the right people who have similar agendas so that our work can be done.

I have found that I have been in relationships with people in the past, who just wanted to take advantage of me. When it was time for those people in the relationship to do for me, I was ultimately buried in the ground. It took me time to get myself up and going, but here I am moving along with self-determination for the past few years. I continue to learn about relationships.

A lot of people who say they want to learn more about Autistic people and teach Autistic youth, asking an Autistic adult for help, actually don’t want to compensate or help the Autistic adult’s agenda in anyway who graciously helped them in their struggles who learned more about autism. It makes me more cautious in wanting to help these people who ask for my help now. Many people in general, really don’t care about a two-way relationship I’ve noticed. People in general just want their agenda in action and when their agenda has been taken care of, they really don’t want to help the other person’s agenda. Autistic people generally become very confused by this approach in society because we expect something in return. It should be an honest exchange between people and caring about each other.

I have noticed some Autistic people I have met who take advantage as well because they learned from society that this type of one-way exchange is appropriate. However, by changing society, we can create situations where everyone no matter who you are, helps each other without taking advantage or bullying. Thankfully, I starting working a job now where my relationship with the job and myself help each other. It’s definitely a two-way street. Life teaches us certain things where people want to take advantage of others, but once you start recognizing the one-way relationships, you get to recognize the two-way relationships more.

Happy Networking!