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The Time is Now for Diversity Matters!

Is it right for society to Light it up Blue on April 2 this year? or, Shouldn’t we all Light it Up FULL Spectrum all month long for Autism Acceptance Month or better yet all year long?

From April 1 to April 30 this year, I expect every one to come in full circle to use your Light Sabers to knock down the Blues and pull out the full spectrum of colors representing diversity. It’s time for people to listen to Autistic and Disabled fellows from across the board in order to know what we want, what we can do for society and show the rest of society what we are capable of doing.

There are so many people who are able to function that so many people think are unable. It’s very sad and heart breaking to know this is true. However, we have to keep on fighting and keep on spreading our voices far and wide.

The colors which stand for Human Diversity:

Red which means our blood

Orange which means our sun

Yellow which means our Gold

Green which means our Ground

Blue which means our emotions

Violet which means our Beauty

Every one feels, every one gives, every one takes, and every one loves. The most important part is to understand why diversity matters!

Spread your color which represents you. Spread it out far and wide through April for Acceptance, Understanding, and Love. Eventually every day of every year, we will show the love for Human and biodiversity.

Whether your color represents Brown, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Magenta, Tan, or mixtures of colors you like, etc, prove to society your voice matters and your voice counts. Don’t let others speak for you and don’t let society crumble all over you. It’s time to speak and a time to be you.

Think of your life as a means of voicing your concerns for yourself and help those who are non-verbal to be able to voice their concerns too for themselves. Every one has a voice no matter what! Some people like one thing while others like something else. You can not allow someone to like everything you think they want to like.

It’s time for fun and time for the things that bring us joy. Support an Autistic person wherever you are and wherever you go anytime of year!

We are able and society needs to understand pity solves nothing. Pity only makes any person to feel down and feel insecure. We know when to say ‘No’ and when we want something that makes us feel good. Sensory information processes through us differently and Self-stimulation (Stimming) like flapping, rocking, spinning, etc gives us the feeling of exhilaration. There’s a time for you and a time for us. Now is the time for All of Us!!! All of us giving to each other the gift to be able to listen to each other each and every one us to know what every one wants. No more debating and no more cursing each other. It’s time for respect. It’s time for courage to listen to every one. It may be hard for an Neurotypical person to listen, but WE all have to listen to what any one is saying. Every voice counts even if it means that the United States Congress who really need to listen to every voice too!

It’s time for Human Diversity to flourish throughout the world no matter what and who you are that represents you to spread the biosphere of diversity around the world everywhere so that any living animal counts too!

The time is now to prove to society that Diversity Counts MOST!!!