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Aspergia Greets Episode 7

The dragons are flying away in the wind with me, latin woman, Natalia, and the two dogs of malta lying side by side on a single dragon.  One of the dragons, grabs fish from the ocean floor and dives down getting me and latin woman wet.  Then the dragon and flys up in to the sky with the other dragon.  A sudden storm in the sky brings the two dragons south close by to the land of latin to a nearby island.

The island is very similiar to the land of latin only almost every thing on the island looks like baseball fields.

We have landed on Dominican Baseball as the sign reads which is a section of the land of latin.

F and K appear back to normal on the beach but seem completely wiped out.   They can’t even stand up for seconds then regain consciousness.

The dogs start wandering around Dominican Baseball land, but Natalia and Latin Woman are keeping a close eye on their recently acquired adoptions.

Anyway, Here we go again, The first person from Dominican Baseball.

A quaint man comes up to us asking about the dogs: Are those your beautiful dogs?

Natalia and latin woman answer together: yes, and you can’t have them.

the man:  I know, I just have been on trips before and say (pointing at me) are you the guy from Aspergia visiting the other lands? I thought you had seen me before, I visited Aspergia two years ago, remember me…

Me: I don’t think so, but let me process my memory for a minute… Oh yeah, you were the baseball guy that was giving us entertainment in the park. do you remember Natalia too?

the man: No, just you.  Anyway, would you like to come to a dominican party?

me: me, sure but can the rest of my people come with you.

the man: sure, bring them, especially the the woman who is eyeing you now (pointing at latin woman). We’ll show you a new kind of party.

F and K together: Wait, J, you don’t really want to go there. we better visit another land.

me: why?

F and K: you’ll see if you go. Alright, let’s just go.

So, we’re all off about to visit the party that this man was about to bring all of us too.

The music is pumping like no other music before.   It starts to get loud at approximately 5 miles away. Oh my, the music is like joyful only even sounding more joyful than usual.

the beat of the music, the pumping the music, the oh my, people dancing a bit differently than the land of latin which was salsa.

The man: This is what we call a reggaeton party. Join the fun.

The people start to shout: Here comes our leader in spanish.

Latin woman drags me on the dance floor pushing me to dance like the dancers on the floor only I feel very awkward.

latin woman: move your body, get down and shake it, shake that butt.

Natalia at this point is furious and runs away till the man from dominican runs over to her and walks her up the the dance floor.  Natalia begins her awkward way of reggaeton dancing.

F and K walk around talking to a few different people in spanish about what kinds of foods and where they all can sleep for the night before we head of to another land.

6 hours later after much dancing and the party ended, me and latin woman are passed out on the floor from dehydration because we had nothing to eat and drink.  Natalia comes over and kicks me and says : I am mad at you J. never talk to me again.  I am going on my own trip by myself.

And so Natalia leaves us for this episode.

Latin Woman kisses me and says to take her to the beach where we can go off to another land.

Not quite yet because the man gives us much food for thought of the trip.  F and K begin turn in to dragons once more and start complaining that once they do they breathe fire like crazy.  Gee whiz, how could this be?

And so we are off to the another land as we see the baseball game that the man and his team play on the field and he scored from 1st to home plate after getting a single and stealing bases.

Gee whiz, ironic because latin woman kisses me once again.

Till the next episode of Aspergia Greets… I rest assure that the there will no more pit stops as the land of Science paves the way for our next episode.

hope you enjoyed this episode all the fictional episodes of Aspergia Greets…

out, J