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Aspergia Greets Episode 2: Aspergia Greets the doors of Latin again due to a minor glitch

There was a minor glitch that happened just when the three of us flew off in to the sky.   The two buddies turned back into themselves and all 3 of us fell straight in to the ocean near the land of latin.

A few hours later, when the ocean had pushed all 3 of us back to the beach.  The woman and her husband found us coughing up water and wrecked to the beach.

the woman who says to me “Is this what its like in Aspergia?”

“Would you like to go?” I asked.

She nodded her head and laughed saying “You seen my land and I want to see your land.”

She gazed in to my eyes  and then her husband came by and  every body started walking back to the house for more latin knowledge for me.

A: Who wants to dance with me?

F and K together yell out, “Not my cup of tea.”

me:  What is dance?

A: You have never known dance before, salsa, meringue, bachata, tango, …?

me: no, we just do the chicken dance or the robot?

A: What’s that?

me: Its our walk sometimes. You have to come to see Aspergia with me sometime.

A: sure, but first let me salsa with you.

F tries to joke around playing the freddie jackson song “you are my lady” at first before playing a salsa song…

Everyone looks at him until he plays the song he needs to play. then he puts on some Tito Puente at first and then some more others.

boy, was this woman a good dancer.  The energy flowing the deck outside so big and the steps that I must take felt so complicated.

The only problem that occured was that with out realizing it her husband was getting annoyed because she was teaching me to dance, but…

A yells out to her husband: You never liked dancing in the first place and whenever I tried to teach you, you turned your nose up.

The music stopped suddenly and the husband and her began yelling back and forth in spanish. Words came out that I had never heard before.

F and K led me out of the place and we went out on to the beach again to build a raft.

But, then a magic wizard came out of nowhere to talk to the three of us.

Wizard: what is love?

the three of us: HUH?

wizard: what is love? how do latin people love and how do aspergians love?

all of us: I don’t know.

wizard:  I think I just saw that tonight.

F: what do you mean? there was no love there.

wizard: oh, yes there was…

K: well, if there was love there, what the heck did I miss.

me: yes, what did I miss?

wizard: why are you saying that? (towards me)
did you notice that woman standing over there watching you dance with your new friend?  I think she is from your land.

me: huh, no way, no one followed me from aspergia to here.

wizard: oh yes they did, cause they were concerned about you.

Me: OH NO! its  my friend Natalia. what is she doing here?

Natalia: Hey J, I walked in to the doors of latin with you because I wanted to find out what you were up to.

Me: Natalia, get back or else…

Natalia: or else, what? I’m staying…

Me and Natalia come to a conclusion that we both will represent aspergia for the rest…

F and K show us the land a bit more, but for miles to come there were nothing but animals trees and fruits of the vine.

then, came the latin carnival at night which from a distance we saw many lights and noise arising.  It sounded like a party, ha, it was…

to be continued…

out, J