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Quest for Aspergia Greets…Episode 19

The two nephews walking down the beach of the land of Latin.  One a nephew of the Great Aspergian and the other a nephew of the Latin Woman.  As they walk they don’t even realize the relationship that they have together.  They are distant family members, but not blood related.

The first day they decide to set their eyes on a small house just off the outskirts of a city in Land of Latin.   The Land of Latin is so beautiful with its many different hilly areas and palm trees, and other interesting landscapes.  There is a big mountain in the distance that they call now Mount Aspergia.  Even though they are not in Aspergia at all, they changed the name when the Great Aspergian came.

In the far distance lies a shadow of a man with cane and very grey white beard with long hair.  He begins to walk towards the two of them with utter speed in his old bones.

The old man comes finally to them as they both meet, “Hola, I mean Hello, I know the both of you.  I worked with your uncle (pointing at the nephew of the great aspergian) and I loved and worked with your aunt (pointing at the nephew of the latin woman).”  Then, they look at each other and the old man says very whispering “I tell you our little secrets, but first I need to tell you something very important. We never finished our mission and now it is time nephew of the great aspergian to finish our mission of people relatedness. You have however long it takes you and however long you learn it for yourself, but at least you have someone to guide you and teach you as well.  I suffered a lot young men, but you do not have to suffer the way I did. Me and my old deceased friend K knew this day was coming and created this for you, our little present for you (pointing to a hot air balloon, but the hot air balloon keeled over and deflated immediately). NO, I can’t let this be.”

The old man suffered greatly even more and started begging to the one up there not for this to happen since this is the mission that needs to be fulfilled.  As he says the last words of “let the mission prevail.” He keeled over and died.  His body was washed away in the ocean disappearing forever, yet a star emerged in the sky during the brightness of the sun and the star clashed with a bigger star that shine so bright.

Then, the two nephews walk into a small house where there were twelve Maltese dogs barking and rummaging around for the old man who was their owner.

That is when a emerging woman came through the door and showed them a cemetery in the backyard where there lied a huge unicorn walking in the yard.  The unicorn pointed in the distance towards a tunnel that they will be traveling down since lately they don’t want other people following them into the other lands since this is to complete a mission that the Great Aspergian was supposed to complete, but had not had the chance to.

The carnival in the distance is lit and there are fireworks everywhere in celebration of the tour through other lands by the two nephews.  Aspergia Greets begins…They walk into the tunnel and the first place they land is in the middle of another home in another part of the land of latin.  They can hear the carnival more and more, so loud that the nephew from aspergia can not handle it.  So, a man walks in and so let Aspergia Greets begin with a Carnival at the Land of Latin.

(more to come)

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