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Aspergia Greets… Episode 16

The flight over to the swampy area of the the Aspergian land to get to the meteor crater is very treacherous and worriesome at the same time.  Natalia is on one dragon and Steel on the other dragon and they are both brushing through the winds from the clouds with eye gapping stern looks in their faces like they want to see their old friends once more.

The dragons are breathing fire all at once all through the path.  They are traveling as North of they can travel till the swampy lands of the meteor area.

In the midst of the fog that just revealed, the first site of everyone else pumped up to find out if they can grab hold of that meteor site.   An air boat flys beside them and an army of at least 30 men and women are traveling in the same direction. Below  nothing can be seen until a few seconds later the fog disappears because its mid-day.  You can see at least in all directions swarms of people coming to one point in the land of aspergian swamp.

People from all over that look like ants as they look down below.  The airboat and the two dragons are parallel to eachother not recognizing each other until the airboat loses control and falls down from the sky to whatever is at the bottom.  When one of the dragons with Natalia on board notices that the airboat had seemed to sink down to land level, Natalia yells out “let’s go down too. We are probably close by.”  She was right because a force field surrounds the meteor site in the swamp that no body can get through the area even if they wanted to.

The land is so muddy and disgusting with all sorts of creepy animals like bats and crocodiles that it is very dangerous to even  go down there, but that is what Natalia and Steel want to do.  Its going to be a treacherous one down there since the land has never been used before.  Aspergia uses that land as a reserve point to never be used only for its animals.

The dragons are steadily going faster and faster down to the swamp.  When they reach aspergian atomsphere the dragons breathe fire so hard and so painfully that they burn a few trees down to the core and F and K fall in to the swampy algae like water feeling sick to their stomachs because the fire put them out.

It was an entrance into the swamp to remember.  The people from the airboat were sailing on the water from the swamp.  They pull in F and K on to their boat to help them out or so they thought.  Natalia and Steel are hanging from two other trees about to fall into the water.

Natalia is cut up on her face and Steel has a problem because is leg is broken.   They eventually fall in to the water being picked up by the boat the F and K are now on.

On the boat stands two men one short man with a ciger in his mouth and a pot belly talking in spanish while the other man with a mustache  like rollie fingers spitting into a cup talking to the other man in spanish.   F, K, Natalia, and Steel are finding out that reached a dilemma and wonder if this is the end.

Meanwhile back at the meteor site, the force field surrounds 500 kilometers squared around a big circle in the swamp.  Every one else has arrived and the notice a port by the force field that has what looks like a keyhole.  That keyhole someone has and must place the key in to the hole to open the force field and notice what is inside is the magic that will appear or is it magic.  Now everyone can see inside the force field and sees a man, a woman, and a child walking around wondering what is going on.   The man is playing with the child certain games while the woman is looking towards them making some food.

The Great Aspergian, his wife, and child are in there.  The only ones that can open the field up is two people that are trapped on a boat nearly 80 kilometers away in the swamp area of Aspergia.

To be continued…

out, J