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Aspergia Greets Episode 12

The next morning K was feeling ectatic because he had a wonderful night with Ela.  He was singing songs so all throughout the castle can hear him.  People yelling back “Shut up”. K with this is exhilarting feeling inside wants to marry Ela.

Suemami awoke feeling good and sleeping in a sleeping bag next to the bed was F.  Apparently F was wailing away in the night because of the stupid ants and bugs crawling in his sleeping bag so he finally figured out a way to get rid of them.

Latin Woman awoke feeling a bit tired and nauseas because of her pregnancy and the child growing inside of her.  While I had to hear it all night, I felt sleepy and happy at the same time.  She felt a bit drawn out and I tended to her needs as she took some ancient Indian medication that the King had ordered his doctor to give her.

Every one has been so nice.

But, just before anything more can happen.  The King and Queen appear and are very worried.   They feel that we should get going and leave the two maltese dogs here as where on our way. This led to a huge argument with Latin woman and the Queen.

Latin Woman had gotten so insulted that a big fight occured.

The Queen and Latin Woman have some words where neither can understand eachother since one is talking in Indian and the other in spanish cursing each other off.

The King and I try to break it off, but Latin woman had already done the damage because she broke the Queen’s nose with her fist.

This led to afterward her punch to the Queen, Latin woman felt sick and fell to the ground.

I and others immediately tended to her to see what had happened.

Latin Woman was seen by the doctor, the King’s favorite doctor, and noticed that she had had a miscarriage and was not doing well.

A tests were performed on her and she was completely out of it not knowing what was going on because she felt so tired and short of breath.

The one test that was performed was an echocardiogram.   Apparently from the pregnancy, her body can not handle having a pregnancy.  So, the echo showed why she was feeling so tired and short of breath, and nauseas.

At times she would be coughing up blood, a term called Hemopytsis.

The doctor has to bring her to the hospital where she can immediately have surgery to heal her.

But, unfortunately she did not make it there on time.  Half way through the roads to the hospital, she had passed on.

I was by her side on the way to the hospital as her last words were, “keep on showing how remarkable you are.”

But, as she had passed on I felt pains myself in my chest.   At first I ignored it and didn’t tell anybody.   We had gotten to the morgue, and the mortician asked where I would like to bury her or would I like to creamate and scatter her ashes.

I didn’t know what to do.  So, I had asked F and K what they thought, but they had no idea because I knew her the best. Then, I remembered that she loved the water and always wanted to be by the beach in Latin for all eternity. So, that is what I did, I creamated her and took the ashes with me till we got back to Latin.

The next day after that, my chest pains were getting worse and I still didn’t want to tell anybody.  But, when I had to stop before I began transporting to the land of latin her ashes.   I had to stop.  I began coughing up blood myself and felt pain like I never felt before.  It was almost as if I was feeling the brink of death and I did not want to die.

They gave me an immediate echocardiogram which sent me to the OR in the hospital. I made it further than latin woman.

Now he had died and he told me that I should take my friend F and the maltese dogs and scatter his ashes with latin woman back in Land of Latin.

So that is what F and I did.  We transformed one last time in to the dragons that we become and flew back to the land of latin.

There was no ceremony, there was no telling of who was going to be there, but F and I took both of the urns and scattered it through the waters and threw the urns together in the middle of the ocean.

We had gotten back to where we live back in our home.  All we can do is remember the little bit of Aspergia that we had seen.

The maltese dogs from Malta are running in the yard so happy and playful.  Our family loves them.

One day almost 5 years later, I see Natalia and Steel coming off the ocean shore and she asks me,

“What happened to the Aspergian named  Big Bird and the his lovely latin Woman. ”

I said “Good to see you Natalia and Steel, but Big bird and latin woman had died nearly 5 years ago. I am so sorry.”

The wind blew in and knocked Natalia and Steel over as if there were signs from Big Bird and Latin Woman  coming along.  And I had laughed with my friend F standing by me and our families watched as we walked back towards them.

Natalia and Steel decide to continue the journey of Aspergia Greets that Big Bird had started and could not end.

Remember your dreams and never take life for granted, it only happens once…

Hope you enjoyed and not too sad,

out, J