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Aspergia Greets Episode 6

The land of Malta is very small and has a very small population of people that live here.  Anyone who lives there is Maltese not to be confused with the Maltese dog. We all wonder what took us to this place in my greetings to other lands other than aspergia, but it looks like a land with a lot of history and very beautiful.  Natalia and the latin woman fell in love with many fury white dogs from the island that we suppose are Maltese dogs.

F: send me home.

me: why? you are a transporter.

F: well, me and my friend are getting the fire kicked out of us.

me: huh, I think you are imagining things.

They don’t realize what they turn into, that they turn into something.

We see many historic sites in the distance from the beach.  Ancient temples and as we walk through the woods, a man walks up to the 5 of us.

the man of malta: Greetings, what can I do for you?

Natalia and the woman from latin still holding the dogs: Hah, these animals are lovely and cuddly.

the man of malta: yes, that is just part of our land, the dogs you are holding are a part of  our history.   Though, we have much more.  I have come only to show you my family and the temple you acknowledged on top of the hill.

He brings all of us back to his home which is on top of hill near the ancient temple.

the man of malta: the temple has lasted on this hill since prehistory.  Malta’s food is very  much the a ecletic sense of the mediterrain cusine since we have been taken over by different cultures throughout the years.

The man of malta: We are from sicily in the italian area. So, we cook sicilian food.

the wife was introduced to us now and she is making pastas and many different sicilian foods.  The whole place is smelling so good.

F, K, Natalia, and the latin woman are so starved that they could eat anything, but the two dogs that the women are holding are salvating for food as well.

Before we begin to eat with our new friends of malta,  a fiery breathing begins to attack F and K.   They run outside and ontop of this big hill, they turn back in to Basilisk dragons and move around breathing fire.  The family from malta is wondering what to do. But, instead of finishing up our dinner.  me, Natalia hop on the dragons with the woman from latin and the two dogs.

The woman from latin who has taken much interest in me hops on the dragon with me while Natalia is on the other one with a dirty look on her face.

We fly off in to the wind as the dragons breath fire and the woman sitting next me kisses me.

until then, have a good day,

out, J