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Aspergia Greets Episode 4 the UNKNOWN

The dragons carrying me and Natalia are thundering through a terrential downpour of rain and lightning. The storm is so bad that Natalia falls off the dragon and both dragons shoot down the sky to try and save Natalia. Natalia landed on an unknown Island and the dragons fall to the ground turning back in to men from doors of latin. I jump into the woods and find myself with the case of the heebie jeebies because I see a land of the dogs.

These dogs were snug around a fire huffing and puffing and barking like it was a huge fiesta.

The dogs were small and white almost like angels. this is the land of the Unknown to many but to the sign I read the sign reads: The Land of BEASTS from Heaven…

things look grim, but later on there will be more…

out, J