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Aspergia Greets Episode 3

Natalia followed me to the doors of latin as we were seeing the carnival from a disance at the latin country.

Natalia wants me to show her wherever I go.  I know, I know this trip was supposed to be by myself and meet and greet new kinds of people from other lands, but what can you do…

Much Salsa music is getting louder and louder as I enter into the famous CARNIVAL.

F: OMG, what are these people doing here?

He points at the magical people with the weird magic stuff

K: We have to get out of here now?

F: Nah, they won’t harm us.

K: What are you kidding me?

Then F, K, me, and Natalia walk to the CARNIVAL at the latin land.

the music gets louder and louder and as you draw nearer and nearer, you see people dancing very close and enthusiastic.

A woman sweeps me off my feet and dancing with me all of sudden in the midst of the carnival, this gets Natalia mad until Natalia asks F and K to show her how to dance this dance.

the woman dancing with me looks familiar though I can’t remember at first until I see A and her husband right next to me dancing.

hours and hours pass by and like when you don’t know what time it is anymore because you are having so much fun, eh.

the end of the night, the woman I have been dancing with asks me to go to a special club down near the beach and I wonder to myself geez that is nice. But, Natalia comes over and slaps the woman in the face and punches me out.  There goes the tale of the doors of latin in to latin land. UH-OH, I knew I should have double checked to make sure no one followed me out of Aspergia.

F and K all of sudden start changing as if something is happening, they begin to grow tails and wings and breathing fiery fire.  they are turning back into dragons.   so, I guess its time to fly away and leave to doors of latin and say our farewell.

Till we meet again, that carnival was nice and the woman was even nicer…

Natalia gets on one dragon and I get on another dragon.

Natalia: Where are we going next?

Me: I guess to the we shall go north east to the lands of the unknowns…

that is it for now, till then towards Episode 3, goodnight!

out, J