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Summary of the Aspergia Greets Episodes

Here is a summary of Aspergia Greets episodes up to date.  Aspergia Greets took us on a trip almost a year ago to a place where the Great Aspergian wanted to start a journey to other lands because the lands were divided by area and culture.  The Great Aspergian came from a land called Aspergia, hence Aspergia Greets.

He started out on the land of Latin where he met interesting people two people that started out his journey through the lands that he was be able to go to before the tragedy.  He was followed by his buddies Natalia and Steel from the land of Aspergia.

He met the woman to be called Latin woman who he married and had a child with before the tragedy.

Natalia and Steel with the two other Latin men was on a mission trying to find out how to get to the Great Aspergian, his wife, and child.  On their journey, the are obstacles that they had to get through.   When Natalia and Steel break through the last obstacle of breaking through the force field, a great and unusual light emerges forcing all five of them to the heavens and back they come as the brightest star that shines in heaven.

Fifteen years later approximately, Great Aspergian’s brother and wife have a child that grows up and seeks out to be a doctor in Aspergia.  One day when it is a hot day in the woods, he sees his uncle and wife from the heavens down to Earth, and tells the nephew Edwin to fulfill the mission that was once a mission that was never finished.

Edwin arrives at the land of latin where he meets Vic and his soon to be wife, Juana.

When they reach the second visit at land of Malta, their is a big tribute to the Great Aspergian who died in tragedy.

The tribute was a celebration where the nephew had to come up and honor his uncle with a medal so pure of gold and a symbol of hope.

Now after the party’s over and everyone left, the Great Aspergian and Juana enter into a big mission to a secret land that no body dares to go to with their friend Vic.

There will be many obstacles and things to read about so pay attention and coming soon,

out, J