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New Adventures of Aspergia Greets Episode 14

Natalia gazed up at the final star that night and fell asleep. During her sleep she saw the famous aspergian in her dream. In her dream, he was a father playing with his half aspergian/half latin baby. The mother, latin woman was looking pleased as she was knitting a sweater for her baby. She was pleased for the fact that she had found a man that could be the father of a child of hers. Natalia had walked up to latin woman and said in the dream, “I thought the both of you had died 5 years ago.”

Latin Woman said back in the dream “this is the heaven that you are dreaming about with me and my husband.”

Natalia took a few steps back and as she almost fell in to a water filled tub pool, she wakes up in sweats and panting.

Steel gets up as quickly as he can to find out what had happened to Natalia. Natalia just shakes her head and goes back to sleep.

The next morning Natalia, Steel, Sveny, and Britannica get up make their breakfast that Sveny collected from when he was in the land of Savannah Africa to eat. They eat their breakfast and during that breakfast, a huge comet comes crashing through the air and lands deep inside the forest that looked nearly 500 miles away in the swamp of Aspergia.

Natalia and Steel yell together “There he is and his wife latin woman too.”

Sveny whispers back “I don’t think so that was just a shooting star and has nothing to do with any such people coming crashing back to earth from the heavens.”

Natalia and Steel were ecstatic and especially because Natalia’s dream after seeing the shooting star in the distance dreaming about his friend and his lovely latin woman. Could this be true? Could it really be the fact that he came back from the heavens with lovely latin woman to make one more pit stop?

If Natalia and Steel travel toward it, then it will take them a good 50 days walk and tenting out through Aspergian Swamp area.

The best thing to do was to go back to land of latin and use F and K to perform their dragon trick and turn back into dragons so that they can fly their in less than 2 days.

But, it will be tricky trying to convince F and K to do this one last time since they so dispise performing this trick.

What is the next best thing then?

Find out on the next episode of Aspergia Greets…

out, J