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Autistic Artistic Carnival 2011: Art work by Evan Gozali

Evan Gozali artwork

The photos are for sale @ the size of (16*20) or (22*28) or best fit with plexi frames for $500 @.  My other art work is also for sale via contacting me @ FAX:212.665.0048 Attn: Evan.  They can also be bought through my agent @ PureVisionArts.org Attn:Evan via the links.  A processing fee can be added to support the differently abled programs in addition to tax & shiipping.  I have collection of many works, which can be set up @ a future time.

Autistic Artistic Carnival 2011: Art work by Judy Gardner


Judy Gardner is an artist and educator living in Arvada, Colorado. She currently teaches Electronic Imaging at Regis University in Denver.

In her fifties, after a long search to discover the reasons for a network of idiosyncrasies in her life, Judy discovered that she is on the autistic spectrum. “Suddenly, everything came into focus and my life made sense,” she says. “Art has always been a way of embracing emotional and intellectual complexity. Words are so woefully inadequate for expressing the nuances of life. It’s always been easier to express myself with images. Now that I understand that I’m an Aspie, I know why.”

Autistic Artistic Carnival 2011: Art work by Daina Krumins














Daina Krumins is a 62 year old woman, married and divorced, with a 24 year old Neurotypical son. She has an MFA in film, specializing in optical printing and special effects, from the California Institute of the Arts but have only worked in the film industry for a short time and only in a marginal way. She’s had some success as an experimental filmmaker, with grants, fellowships and awards. She is one of the writers of “Women From Another Planet?” (subtitled “Our Lives in the Universe of Autism”) and she also did the cover for it. Her websites are:

Creative Expressive Activities

Daina Krumins