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Humble people along the way

I find there are people in this world who are very humble along the way in their life. George, the person I interviewed on this website is one of those people.  Another person who is just as humble as George is the person I met today with my younger brother at the Bronx Zoo.  It seems to me being humble is very rare in this world.  Sometimes I feel whenever I meet somebody who is humble, I want to cherish the moment so much since being humble is rare in this world.  I remember the original directors of Adaptations were very humble people.  I know I must try and give the new director a chance.  It is so very important.  Yes, I did not like something which happened regarding myself, but no body is perfect.

I don’t want to be known as the person in this world who is not humble.  How do I tell people in a way that things are not going the way they should go?

I loved Adaptations to begin with, but now I feel the program is not going so well.  Though, I really love Creative Alternatives of New York (CANY) so much because it helps me.  It is the best drama therapy program in the New York City area to help anybody on the Autism Spectrum or even other people with disabilities.   The people who run the CANY program are very humble.

Anyway, I wish more people could be very humble in this world like George, this person I met today, and even other people I have met through the years including my immediate family.  I also feel my grandmother can be very humble too.  I don’t like seeing a person who is egotistical making feel like I am nothing.  I am person who has so much tenacity in which I will not give up on anything and I will be successful with every attempt at what I do.  I will continue to always strive for more and be more successful.

I want Adaptations to be a program where they help everybody in the program achieve the social skills, job training, and eventually independence so that someday they will only need minimal support from programs like these.  I know I sound very angry, but I have every right to be.  I find the interns at Adaptations this year are the only ones who run the program who are humble.  I really admire a humble person.

I will post later on and I hope everybody understands how being humble in this world is so very important.

Have a wonderful evening,


PS thank g-d the Seaver Center is involved this year!  Kindness and Humbleness in everyone please!