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American Dream

The American Dream, what an interesting feature that one has come across in the past 100 years or so.  I have never seen so many people with different dreams for their American Life.   The American Dream comes and goes as the future for people that want something bigger and better.  The bigger and better is different for many people.  Some want a job, some want a better job, some want more money, some want solitude, some want … Well, the list goes on and on.

Now, who comes across as eager to win.  Positive thinking is important for the umpteenth time of me talking, and enduring the optimism that comes across, leads to your dreams that surely will come true.

If you want something, you try your darnedest to get that dream to come true.  Yours and my future depends upon it.  Things happen for a reason is just a cliche, but if you drop all the nonsense and focus on that one thing to achieve, all well is done.  Think of the feelings you have, your inner most future that you want, and you try to bring it on out.  When it happens, it happens for the greater good of it all.

Charging the urgency of our desires and letting go of impulses just proves to be the most satisfying aspect of our lives.  Peace of Mind that my friend who also has asperger syndrome is trying to achieve also.

Peace of mind is taking away what other people say to you or I and focusing on our ability to live our life without having to listen to the nonsense that some people say to defocus you and derail you from what you are wanting to achieve.

This is the notion of our desires to be the man or woman we want to be and achieve our greatest American Dream.

out, J

Aspergia Greets to come soon…………..