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Being an Adult

Being an Adult is one of the most difficult initiations a person can do for themselves.  I assume that after the initial adult world feeling, it must get easier for people.

See, Adulthood means having responsibility, taking responsibility, and accepting responsibility.

It also means having a job, keeping it, and being motivated to do the things to make yourself as independedent as possible because there will come a time in life where you will no longer be independent and that towards the end of life in seniorhood.

I must take stands and strive for success by living life as an adult.  While adulthood is having a job, having a job means a lot to the way others perceive you. Not only does it show motivation, responsibility, but it also shows time management, organization, skills that you obtained and use on the job, anything else I am missing please don’t hesitate to comment.

We all need and want to be known for something in this world and the world is about being an adult when its time to be an adult. Independence is key until that faithful day when we are much much older and grayer and need to give it all away.

shout out to all those newborners out there, I heard from my brother that a subscriber to this site has a newborn baby now.

congrats and remember how life is …

Out, J