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A Poem Called “Society Meets the Activist”

Society Meets the Activist,

by theamazinJ

One day,
a long time ago,
in a far off place,
society met an Activist,
the first of their kind.
The Activist spoke out against everything society stood for,
I mean, everything, literally everything,
Talking about society’s social construction,
talking about society’s discrimination,
even talking about society’s lack of accommodation,
and when the shit hit the fan even more,
society’s idea of passing rather than being true to ourselves.
The Activist turns 20, then 30, then 40 and so on,
and every time the Activist says something,
they are bullied into silence,
they are told they are fake,
they are told to be quiet and let society just be,
they are told to not be loud and proud,
they are told to take a vacation or just leave society for good,
everywhere the Activist goes,
he wants to make a difference,
to show the society what Human dignity means,
what Human respect means,
and the ways everyone needs accommodating,
the way society can be accessible if they even try,
A long time ago before the first of the month,
society jumped in to vote for a sloth,
a man who would fight Activists,
a man who would say the work Activists have done was fake,
a man who created the term Fake News,
a man who marked war against the world,
a man who created fights between himself and every minority group
including the disability minority group,
especially those people who think and play and move and live differently than him,
a man who is a supremacist,
a man who hates Activists, but then calls himself an Activist for doing what he does,
Activists have gotten criticism for the work they do
and even from the very first Activist a long time ago
in a galaxy far far away,
because being an Activist is tough,
being an Activist is one of the hardest things anyone can do,
Activists make societies uncomfortable,
Activists make the leader of any society go crazy,
Activists speak out and then get hashed by society,
Activists ignore society’s words,
until the Activist actually passes on,
then everyone praises the Activist who spoke out,
and a day or memorial becomes real for the Activist who passed on
to one day everyone quoting them
even when everyone fought against the Activist while alive,
even when everyone took a stand that they would never do it,
however, the Activist took a stand, and now everyone listens,
and now, everyone sees what they said,
finally in the end,
The Activist looks down upon the society from the heavens above,
noticing this change, noticing this new embodiment,
and says to oneself with all smiles and chuckling:
“Now, they listen, really, now they really are listening
really, I am astonished, I am a star up here in the heavens,
shining down on them at night, and
when I could speak, no one wanted to listen to me,
thanks a lot to all thou, thanks to all thou”
As society takes on more and more giving and less trash talk
for what the Activist said, for every action the Activist conveyed,
and for every time the Activist fought them to be heard
exactly how they Activist wanted to heard,
So, continue what you are doing,
if you believe it,
someday it will happen.
Someday they will all listen,
even if it takes a lifetime.
And Move forward.

A Poem Called “It’s My Life, It’s my Choices”

It’s My Life, It’s my Choices,

by theamazinJ

Choices matter,
choices are personal,
choices make sense,
people may be concerned,
people may not understand,
people feel obligated to personal choices,
a personal choice is a personal choice
and nothing more and nothing less.
Personal choices help growth
whether we like it or not,
personal choices are sedimental,
personal choices are not your choices,
personal choices are the choices of the individual who makes them,
personal choices help with self-care,
personal choices help with setting and maintaining boundaries,
personal choices give everyone their own dignity and pride,
deciding on things on our own and learning
is everyone’s right and everyone’s distinctions
from another individual,
because everyone matters,
because everyone chooses their destiny,
because everyone has their own way of doing things
to decide what they feel is right at the time,
everyone makes mistakes or chooses based on their own feelings.
To be an activist,
one must know what they want,
know what they don’t want,
and fight for everything they do want.
An activist is strong willed,
an activist fights for what they believe in,
an activist uses evidence to base on their beliefs,
an activist is not influenced by others,
an activist learns everyday what works and what doesn’t,
an activist grows with the people they respect
disregarding the people that hurt them,
an activist’s life can be tough
especially when people hate what we say or do,
an activist’s life can be even tougher
when what we say or do is often put down or shut down,
but an activist must stick to their mission,
must stick to their beliefs,
and continue to support evidence for their beliefs
gaining more and more support from others.
An activist makes hard choices.
Sometimes those choices can hurt others,
and sometimes those choices can eventually change the world for the better.
Martin Luther King,Jr made choices as an activist in this manner,
Rosa Parks as part of that too,
Malcolm X made choices in similar fashion,
Ed Roberts the same,
The Black Panthers even more,
Harvey Milk too,
and yes, even Susan B. Anthony and Harriet Tubman as well.
The list goes on and on all throughout history,
finally, its the choices we make that matter to what we believe,
its’ the choices we make that make us who we are,
and it’s the choices we make that allows our activism to succeed or not,
if there is no evidence and support, our activism failed,
however if we continue to push through and learn from what we know about ourselves,
We become part of the greatest activists who ever lived before.
It’s our choices to forgive ourselves and others that matter
to understand and learn from the past,
sometimes the choices we make is everything no matter what.
An activism moves forward without looking back.

A Poem Called “Vulnerability”


by theamazinJ

I am vulnerable
just the way you are.
I am insecure
when my safety is of concern.
I am unsure of myself when
I am always wanting to be liked,
and everyone takes advantage of that.
I am a victim of bullies and abusers,
throughout my whole life by various people in various situations.
I am a very likable person,
and everyone do love me very much.
I am easily taken advantage of,
by how I am wanting to be liked.
I have become an activist,
and know when to say yes and when to say no.
I know what choices I want every time all the time,
and everyone tries to pull me into their choices and ideas.
There is a difference between activism and self-advocacy,
and there is a struggle between the two.
The vulnerable qualities of being an activist is,
not being able to work with everyone ultimately working alone.
The vulnerable qualities of being a self-advocate is,
being told we don’t know as much as non-disabled people and being patronized.
The vulnerability we have from our disabled peers
no matter what part of the disability community,
not being respected for a voice independent from the rest of the crowd
and being ostracized for having that voice.
The vulnerability of the autistic community is,
being a shell being pushed around by every organization
that already exists.
The vulnerability of what we believe is,
changed to what many others believe within any organization.
The vulnerability of our mind and what we think,
is changed by what anyone thinks.
The vulnerability of denying the thoughts changed by someone else,
is the vulnerability of being liked by who you want to be liked by.
The vulnerability of anyone spinning a thought to a conspiracy theory or lie,
only makes us even more vulnerable and scared.
These vulnerabilities make all of us feel scared, crazy, or less than others,
but not everyone is liked by everyone and not everyone can understand each other.
Vulnerable states we are all in everyday,
create in-fighting within our minds and out-fighting between other people.
Everyone thinks they may be thinking their own thoughts,
when everyone is only thinking of what the previous person thought to them.
The vulnerable states we are in everyday,
give us a sense of reaction to be in solace,
to give what we have without expecting a reaction,
without expecting a positive or negative opinion,
and without expecting many to relate or be consumed by
what we put out there.
The vulnerable state we are in everyday,
is expected and must be accepted.
No one can control what others think nor what others say,
no one can really control anyone,
and feeling controlled is being in a state of fear.
We cannot fear what we cannot control,
We can control our own fear,
and once we control our fear,
we become less and less vulnerable to others
and more and more vulnerable as an activist
without getting involved with any one’s thoughts
and without getting involved with any organization.
Because in the end,
an organization becomes organized
from the vulnerability and fears many people have,
how many people want to belong,
how many people fear being alone,
and how any organization uses that fear against us.
The real result we want is,
having our own voice regardless of anyone else
and not allowing our voice be manipulated and controlled
by any organization or person.
The less we fear from anyone,
the more we become vulnerable to ourselves
as an activist.

A Poem Called “An Activist’s Tale”

An Activist’s Tale,

by theamazinJ

An Activist’s Tale is unique and adventurous,
it’s a tale everyone goes through
every point in their life.
Being an Activist means:
doing things the ethical way,
doing things the hard way,
doing things with a vengeance,
doing things to serve things the right way,
not getting caught up with anyone influencing another,
blocking the negative while attributing the positive,
knowing who is supporting and supportive,
and who is brainwashing and not caring and unappreciative.
Being an Activist is building strength
to what is real activism and what is lying to yourself,
being an activist is furthering the goals of yourself
while furthering the goals of the whole world toward
justice for all:
for disability justice,
for beating down racial discrimination for equal rights of all races,
for fighting for what a belief system individual citizens believe in
and accepting everyone,
for expatiating the inequality of gender to preserve justice
for anyone,
preserving human rights to incorporate civil rights for everyone,
allowing everyone to choose what is right for them,
so everyone understands what kinds of supports they need
to live in the community they want to live in
regardless of what kind of home they will be in,
and giving the opportunity to anyone
who knows they have the ability to direct their own life,
whether the citizen decides to live in a group home or by themselves in their own home,
without anyone telling the person what supports they need or do not need,
because everyone needs support,
support from their family,
support from people in the community who the individual identifies as a supporter,
giving everyone the chance to make mistakes.
An Activist’s Tale is adventurous and wide,
the activist is an individual like you and me,
the activist is a person like you and me,
the activist wants the supports they need,
the activist wants the community to support their supporters they have,
the activist makes mistakes and learns from them.
the activist is a teacher too teaching about support and who is a supporter,
the activist does not need:
a community that hates,
a community that brainwashes,
a single person who brainwashes,
any person who pushes away support or supports they have
cause the idea of independence lies in interdependence.
Its about getting the education the individual citizen needs and wants
to further their career,
its about changing from false perceptions everyone believes from the past to reality,
and its about not objectifying anyone or martyring,
because its all about respecting the citizen as an individual.
it is all about fighting for our individual rights,
it’s about believing in the ethical way and fighting for that,
it’s going into a direction that is positive and fulfilling
to serve justice for all.
Because An Activist’s tale can be misleading
when an activist calls out the negative too much,
when an Activist delivers speeches and written work
denouncing supporters and supports, not letting others live with self-determination,
lying to yourself and gas-lighting whoever to make people seem crazy,
and burning bridges everywhere without teaching others and building them,
that is not true activism.
True self-determination is growing into the person
the community has always wanted who:
embraces love, understanding, supports, supporters,
and acceptance of an individual’s right to choose
and acceptance of the diversity of whoever lives in the world,
since without diversity we have nothing,
because ‘every brain is wired differently’
that grows and learns unique to the citizen
and every person regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexuality
meets each other everyday in the community.
A True Activist’s Tale is being true to yourself,
and sticking with justice for all,
cause in the end,
it’s all about building the bridge our whole life
until one day when it is complete
and we finally settle down and rest peacefully,
then An Activist’s Tale is done.
Until then, speak up, believe, make mistakes, learn from everyone,
choose what fits for you, be yourself, teach what is activism, and direct your own life
to completing the bridge to its fullness and immensity.