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Working Builds Confidence, Independence, and Stability for Any One

Why are people in the disability community including Autistic people not extended a chance to work or are thought of as a second thought by an employer? Why can’t any one in the disability community be accepted in to a job like any body else? Instead most of us are pushed to the side. Although some of us do get lucky.

I can only speak for who I am as an Autistic person (Aspergers). We all have our quirks, we all have our eccentricities, we all have our emotions, we all are human. However many Neurotypical people are considered for a job far more times than a person with a disability. Employers think twice before hiring someone who may be a little different or a lot different from the average person walking into their office.

Instead of classifying, judging, and placing a label on individuals; employers should be objectively viewing an individual’s abilities. It’s important to teach a person who wants to learn, but most importantly we should all teach people to work in a job in order to conform to society by living independently, confidently, and comfortably. Regardless, working for employers helps build character, strength, dignity, and most importantly stability. However the person has to be motivated enough to want to work. Most people I speak to want to work, but struggle to earn a title from an employer to achieve their dreams. Although there are some people who may say they want a job, however they just don’t have the motivation to conform to society’s standards to get a job.

Whether you are working toward a goal of finding a job or moving forward toward building a career, every body should be working toward a goal to live a life of stability. No matter who the person is, people need to be inspired to help themselves and be motivated to feel jointly appreciated by society. However there has to be some kind of connection in order to be appreciated.

Every body has at least 1 skill moving forward to be a success, however all you need is that 1 skill. Some people are skillful diplomats while others have talented hands. The skill you were meant to have should be the skill you use toward your success. After you have used your skill to be successful in what you can do, you begin to earn the respect you always wanted.

Success without a successor is failure. We always need somebody to teach a motivated person regardless if they have a disability or not, to teach the practice that made the predecessor successful for all those years. There are surgeons who have disabilities like Tourette syndrome or Aspergers who are just as successful as a surgeon who doesn’t have any disability. However, once everybody accepts disability as a natural part of human existence will everyone, one day know that it’s okay.

Money is a powerful object we earn after being successful at what we do. There are always many choices how to use the money you earn. It’s important to think about your ethics, your value about life, and what is important to you before you act on using it.

Alec Trebek said it best when he always says “Teaching is the noblest of all professions!” However every profession is a teacher regardless of what they do because we are always teaching our successors to do the same great job for the future, so why be judgmental on who you teach for an employer to be able hire any individual in society motivated to succeed?

Have a great day and get working!!


A New Year, A New Bridge as we start 2012

2012: What can I say? It’s another year and another chance to do what we have to do to set things right.

We have to embark on a journey where we become the person we are meant to be. However sometimes we find a bridge on our journey waiting for us to cross to another side of our adventure. If we don’t cross, we have to turn back to the lands we already discovered living in the past. By crossing the bridge, we enter in to another unknown land for an unknown future to build on what we already know. Some bridges are harder to cross because every bridge is built differently with its own uniqueness.  Unfortunately, sometimes its too sad to leave a cherished part of our life.

Although at the end of each bridge leads to a new magical place filled with new adventures and heightened experience to live a more fulfilled life. Sometimes we walk and bump into a mountain to climb. As we start climbing we have to build up our stamina to conquer the adversity to reach the top. By reaching the top of each mountain we climb we become more and more successful of our own discoveries. We start really feeling good about what we did.   Even though we may feel good about it, there is still much more to feel even better about to move on forward to the next great adventure.

As we cross each bridge we give the torch backward to all the others to follow what we just did. Hopefully the others gain enough strength to follow.   Each impact of adversity in our lives builds our strength and strength builds character. No body should return to the land before them because simply they can’t let go. One day they will never know what new adventures they could have been through and characters they could have met to keep the flow going toward the last bridge on their journey.

Its very important to move forward crossing the bridge in front of us keeping our eyes on the other side so we can meet each unknown area. As we meet each unknown area, we find magical creatures and pathways to help us along the way to the next bridge. Sometimes we reach different doors in the lands we enter that can open our eyes to things we can use and other people who we can befriend. Some people even say “As one door closes another door opens” because we open many doors between the bridges we cross.

 We all wonder what the last bridge we walk across will lead us to: our very own treasure or just lead us to nothingness. In terms of nothingness, there is no such thing. Matter is always there no matter what we do, always creating a sparkle for us to shine. The stars in the distance fly across our skies because they help us gain our perspective to crossing each bridge until the last one is standing before us. Who do we meet at the end of the last bridge? All the leaders before us who have crossed and managed to conquer all the adversity around them and waiting to help us step off the bridge.


Furthermore, when we reach the last bridge, it becomes our most cherished bridge of all. We find we need to build our strength up strongest for this bridge because a) we need to keep moving forward b) we need to watch our every step, this way we don’t fall off. At the very end of the last bridge we step foot in to our palace of freedom and reward ourselves with the leaders ahead of us who have been waiting to enjoy this palace with us. Unfortunately, some people do accidentally fall off, but are saved by those leaders before us who sense the connection broke. The leaders ahead help move their friends forward to build the connection once again. We are all connected by an imaginary line pulling us together. If the line breaks at some point, we all feel it and we all want to help bring the line back to form to continue moving forward. Every one of us has to face the same adventures, the same hardships, and cross the same bridges to get to each unknown area until they reach the final destination. Its a maze of amazing adventures and bridges to cross so keep moving forward without looking back. Please don’t mind that some people move faster than others to get through the adventures in each area to get over each bridge. Simply put, every one is different!!

Hope Everyone has a very Happy New Year in 2012 and please cross those bridges moving forward!!!

posting again soon,


Every one needs to Focus on the Solution not the Problem…

It relates well to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Every body is so focused on the facts Autism Spectrum is a problem, but if they defocus on the problem, they can solve the solution by looking at the WHOLE Picture.

Autism Spectrum Disorders has bigger more positive picture to it.

Enjoy the scene from Patch Adams: MY Favorite scene in the movies.

Learning from each other even Neurotypicals can learn the Achievements Autistics can Make!

We achieve because it helps our self-esteem.  If somebody brings us down and we  achieve nothing, how can we say we are people at all.  A person is somebody who reveals his true self not allowing anybody to influence their way of thinking and being.  We are who we are because that is what was intended for us.  Generation after generation of people show  many aspects of humankind: Neurotypical and Aspies/Auties.

Our own self-discovery helps with this process of knowing what we truly want out of life.  Most people in this world (I’d say 90% of people) probably do not expose their true selves.  Instead people like to be influenced and follow other people’s footsteps.  Instead of following other people’s footsteps: Follow your own dreams.

A dream is something we truly want out of life.  Every one has different passions in life.  A passion is a dream which needs development and maturity.  At first its just a dream, then it is born, following immaturity, then finally maturity and wisdom.  A hero is somebody who you feel helped you make a dream come true.  You may  have had trouble getting started, but eventually the dream does with a hero or mentor in your life to support you.  A mentor or hero is not the only one who helps, there are many mentors/heroes.

Any individual can achieve his lifelong dreams. Some people may need help while others can do it on their own by motivating their guts to move.  It takes guts to motivate yourself.  Think about your life and wonder whether you want to pity yourself or motivate yourself.  No body likes a person who you have to feel sorry for.

Live your life as your own leader of your infinite mind.  The mind which is as big as the universe.

Think in pictures of the many stars in space which represent matter in your brain.  Each star of matter in your brain carries a weight of a ton of information you learn in one day.  This is a part of our infinite mind of stars.  These stars could also represent a pearl from the oceans.  Each pearl is a learned part of ourselves.  We all learn many pearls of wisdom a day given to us.

Here are what could be our pearls of wisdom we don’t get to see.  We only feel it inside of ourselves.  Notice the holes in them which represent what we can still learn and add to our pearls of wisdom to make it stronger.


Anyway, I hope you know the pearls of wisdom which give us knowledge we have to learn new everyday. We can all make it in this world by the proper support, guidance, and patience. It just takes time.


Thinking of ways to enjoy my life and learning

My life has been enjoyable up to this point.  I have seen many things which became a dream come true for me. I think there will be many more.  I just need to keep doing the many things I continue to do.  Things develop with time.  Other people may tell a person who is trying to develop some destructive criticisms which hurt.  This does not help the person who is trying to develop.  For instance, writing is a process.  This posting takes time and thought for me to think about and plan out.  Many people may feel they want to tell me how to write, but every body has different styles of writing. You can’t tell somebody to write what way you want them to write, but what you can do is help them develop their style of writing.

Developing skills in writing is the same for developing skills in anything else.  A specific skill you learn takes time and practice till you get it right.  I have become a very highly skilled technologist in my chosen field.  I still have plenty more skills to learn and many more people to learn from, but at least I can say I am in the process.  Someday when I am older I can say I will  have learned a great deal becoming a wise old man probably wiser than my grandma is right now.

Wisdom develops over time.  Yoda didn’t have his wisdom right from his childhood, it took learned experience to get him there.  My wisdom is still developing. Some people say I make the same mistakes again and again.  I know those mistakes I make are not the same mistakes, but subtle differences in every scenario since every area of life is different.

Life is grand and we must all think of this life as a mighty superman helping us through the way.  It takes time to climb the riveting sandy dune, but eventually we reach the top.  At the top, we may find ways to stretch are arms as far up as we can saying “Yes, I did it!” The mighty superman standing by our side.

At this point, life is pretty much over.  It takes a whole lifetime to reach the top and some people don’t even reach the top.  Imagine if everybody can reach the top achieving all their goals they make.  It would be an incredible world we would live in.  My goal is to use more than 10 % of my mind.  A unique person tries to use as much of their mind as possible.

Posting later on…