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Every one wants to have their own Success

Beyond Living Life,

by theamazinJ

a part of what is
a part of what needs to be
living our life
to living beyond thinking about death.
Life is always filled with so much joy
and a reason to shine our energy
very bright and strong.
We envision the roots of our
energy to lift us higher and higher
and higher until it reaches our peak
when we are old enough to move on.
Life exists and so do we,
so make it a good one
and never regret, always accept anyone,
never taking anything for granted or
taking advantage of others.
Life is purely a burst of energy
filled with colorful diversity.
Brighten yourself up beyond death
and live your life the way it
was meant to be,
embracing the colors of the diversity of the rainbow
and giving a helping hand.

There are always turning points from our intuition that tell us what to do to make it all better. Listen to your intuition, listen carefully to what it has to say. We may sometimes feel angry, we may sometimes feel sad, we may sometimes feel hurt, though we need to feel that life gives us the moments to see beyond that. Life gives us a means of transpiring toward acceptance. It’s so important to accept everyone. By accepting everyone, we accept that no body can change things they can’t control. You can only change what you can control. The Autism Acceptance Decade from 2010 to 2020 is trying to tell everyone that people need to just let things be and let things come in time. It may be heartbreaking for any parent to know their child is different, but it does not mean that being different is wrong. Being different just means that Neurotypical people need to let differences matter. Not every one has the same feelings, the same ambitions, and the same intuitions. Every one knows the differences we have, but everyone wants their own success. A lot of Autistic people or people on the Autistic spectrum feel pressured by Neurotypical society when we interact with others. They insist on certain qualities like eye contact, talking, and don’t rely on nonverbal communication. They program those who are most influenced to do so because they insist that that is the only way to listen by speaking by your physical voice coming from the mouth. This only makes people on the Autistic spectrum feel like they can only talk to communicate when it does not come natural to us. That is when we begin to have to learn boundaries of talking through physical voice. If Autistic people were the majority, we would not be speaking by physical voice, we would not make eye contact, and we would rely on our nonverbal communication with others. Think about how life would feel to you if that were the case. Though that is not the case. We live in a society that insists on all these things for interactions. Some people say people who are not as Autistic as others or considered mild, feel more pressure to do these things due to being closer to being Neurotypical. So, we are urged to learn more about NT culture. It’s about time to only control what you can control because you can not control who comes in to your life. Everyone from the Autistic to Neurotypical spectrums, need to live here together as it stands now. By living together, everyone needs to know that there needs to be a common respect for each other. It’s important to know the people who come in to your life at single moment need to feel life will be successful for them by experiencing you. However, anyone who enters into your life is meant to for a reason. It’s the reason you need to figure out for yourself to know why. Live your life well to experience what you want and who you want to interact with to make yourself successful.

Autistic Pride Day is in exactly 1 month which means everyone has 1 more month to submit your work to be seen on this blog for Autistic Artistic Carnival!!!


Feeling out of place in a world which does not accept anything!

There is something in life which goes further than accepting Autism Spectrum Disorders, this is Accepting anything in your life. We need to accept whatever changes or anything for that matter. For example, we need to accept death, no body in the world can accept it since they see death as an end. Death is just an oxymoron for continuing our way up the ladder. Earth is just just a place where we need to learn things for ourselves for the betterment of whatever comes next. Some people say its called Heaven, but frankly we just don’t know what its called. In the end we are trying to reach an area of superiority (meaning in layman’s terms G-d), but instead we are really in a cycle. We live our life on Earth thinking of hope and wishing, but this is just something which makes more of a cycle. We need to all move forward and accept anything which comes our way. Open our eyes and see what is coming your way because it could be a way forward to fulfilling your time on Earth.

The problem is most people don’t realize what they need to do or don’t want to accept their mission. Most people become too afraid and then the suffering starts. Let go of yourself and be free! It is your only chance to stop the cycle and move forward, move on. We are intended to live here on Earth for a reason, stick to this reason, and work with it. We all need to feel passion all the time in what we do.

Think about yourself, think about what you do, and think about whether or not you are doing what you were made to do. I AM! Not every one can be a banker, not every one can be in healthcare, not every one can be a teacher, not every one can invent, not every one can be a writer, an actor, not every one a painter…We need to do something we have always been dreaming of ever since we were a child.

Success is when we establish our passions to do what we are comfortable doing for ourselves and others!