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A poem about Thinking Inclusive

It disparaging to ridicule
It’s forging ahead to speak up
It’s unspeakable to be silent
when you want to be listened to.
The goodness of your hearts
may want to separate us
but the goodness of the soul
is to accommodate and think inclusive
to the ways of changing society
for the best,
to change society
we need to be open-minded,
to change society
we need acceptance,
to change society
we need clarity,
to change society
we need bitterness to end,
to change society,
we need to think differently
from what we had thought of before,
changing society allows
all of us to
always remember
what feeling accepted means
and carrying the weight on
our shoulders to be lifted
and the barriers separating
groups of people carried away.
Disability does not mean
segregation and certainly
does not mean segregating
and changing any one else,
it does not mean
cutting off
groups of people from the
diversity of Human Culture.
Disability means Diversity,
it means thinking outside the box,
it means being more creative,
it means being more intellectual,
it means what we all want from
society, the openness and
freedom of being uniquely one.
We can’t count the differences
we can’t count the similarities,
we can only count the people who
matter in this world,
everyone matters,
everyone cares,
everyone hurts,
everyone’s happy to be alive,
but most importantly everyone
has the right to express
who they are and what makes them
a part of society, helping others.
No more criticisms,
no more bullying,
and certainly no more Ableism!

Be a Leader in your community 🙂

(hope you enjoyed the poem!)