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Submissions being Accepted now for Autistic Artistic Carnival for June 18, 2012

This is for any Autistic person from childhood through Adulthood to submit their work to my email address to be posted on my website on June 18, 2012. I am accepting any work from a creative work of art, writing, music, film, documentary, or someone who liked to introduce their latest positive productive invention they created to help Autistic people be seen as an important part of society. So dream up your latest creation or invention, get to work, and send your stuff to me to be posted on DMC on June 18, 2012, Autistic Pride Day. It’s your time, it’s time for us, Autistic people to SHINE NOW!!!

Email submissions can be sent to my email address at autisticprideday@gmail.com by June 10, 2012 by 11:59:59pm!!

Autistic Artistic Carnival 2011: Art work by Judy Gardner


Judy Gardner is an artist and educator living in Arvada, Colorado. She currently teaches Electronic Imaging at Regis University in Denver.

In her fifties, after a long search to discover the reasons for a network of idiosyncrasies in her life, Judy discovered that she is on the autistic spectrum. “Suddenly, everything came into focus and my life made sense,” she says. “Art has always been a way of embracing emotional and intellectual complexity. Words are so woefully inadequate for expressing the nuances of life. It’s always been easier to express myself with images. Now that I understand that I’m an Aspie, I know why.”

Autistic Artistic Carnival 2011: Art work by Daina Krumins














Daina Krumins is a 62 year old woman, married and divorced, with a 24 year old Neurotypical son. She has an MFA in film, specializing in optical printing and special effects, from the California Institute of the Arts but have only worked in the film industry for a short time and only in a marginal way. She’s had some success as an experimental filmmaker, with grants, fellowships and awards. She is one of the writers of “Women From Another Planet?” (subtitled “Our Lives in the Universe of Autism”) and she also did the cover for it. Her websites are:

Creative Expressive Activities

Daina Krumins

Guest Post from “Autism Care UK” promoting “Autistic Artistic Carnival”

Autistic Artistic Carnival – a celebration of Autistic Pride

Twyla Tharp once said that ‘Art is the only way to run away without leaving home’. And for many people this is true and the escapism provided by art, in every form, often means more than the end result. There are a number of reasons why people may decide to make art, for example to tell stories, express opinions, to be creative, to make people think or to smile as well as just the sheer enjoyment of making something from nothing.
Art therapy is nothing new and widely seen as an effective therapy tool for any one on the Autistic Spectrum. The reason for this is that most forms of art is a very individual process, and an effective yet safe way for people to express emotions that they might otherwise keep bottled up such as frustration and anger. It has also been proved to help younger children develop their social skills.
Autistic Art has now developed into its own genre, with one of the most famous autistic artists Stephen Wiltshire, famous for painting landmarks he has only visited once, is now a key player in art circles. Whilst not everybody will break auction house records like Stephen has done, everybody can enjoy the pleasures associated with art. As well as this, there is evidence that suggests that art therapy has beneficial effects for those with autism. And with the new book Drawing Autism it has never been more prominent in the public eye.
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Reminder: More information coming in March for June 18, Autistic Pride Day

March starts soon as well as the submissions for Autistic Pride Day’s Artistic Spectrum from a selection of artists on the Autism Spectrum and Scientific invention ideas. More information coming in March!!

On that note, here is another short poem,

An artist’s way
comes our way
to the desires of
our humanity.
It helps us heal,
it helps us live,
it helps us be
more fundamental
from our creation.
Draw, paint, sculpture,
or take a picture for
the ages.
Love the incredible beauty
that you live in without
feeling angry at
every one around you.
Draw, paint, sculpture,
write an amazing story,
act out a scene,
or think about how you
can make the world a
better place with your
own inventions.
Life is an incredible
journey of self-discovery,
some people do one thing
while the others do something
different. Its what makes the
world more interesting.
Time for all those people
who are on the Autism Spectrum
to think about what they’d like
to do for June 18, Autistic Pride Day,
on Drive Mom Crazy,
so think about it as you
wait for the March formal
announcement to start
accepting submissions
to be reviewed by me.

Please take your time, but not too long…June 18 is only about 4 months away…