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A Poem called “A WaterFall into Acceptance”


Acceptance is,
a future of universal design to the universe,
A future of not finding causes of disability,
A future of love without hate,
A future of a change in our society
from telling others to supporting others,
A future in our society that
ends hostility to those who are different,
A future that stops the violence and bigotry,
A future that supports diversity especially Neurodiversity,
A future to journey into the water
as we all fall into the spring of humanity
where everyone sees each other for who they are
without trying to change the way a person is,
the waterfall into acceptance
from thinking about cure and prevention to full acceptance
into the winds blowing on everyone.
For acceptance we need to create
unity through diversity
by spreading the main theme of humanity:
every person is different,
every mind is great,
every body is beautiful,
every one is connected,
every one creates their own life,
every single person is a golden soul
journeying a thousand miles into the
future even with nothing
stopping us to reach our goals.
Every one has their spirit,
everyone builds what they want to build,
no one can take the life and dignity
away from another,
because we are who we are,
we are good people,
we all are not perfect,
yet, we all are
traveling down the same path
to fall into the spring of heaven
after the waterfall throws us over
to feel proud
to feel happy
to enjoy the heavens with everyone
to experience the healing from life
and to love the joy of the life we made
without influencing others about our way
without preventing others from being born
without curing or killing others who are different
and with learning from each other
the way of being everyone is
to feel a hug when we need it most
to communicate by sharing different languages
the way each of us use regardless
how the language is spoken
regardless how the language is made
and regardless how the language is expressed,
we are human to accept
we are human to communicate
we are human to love
we are human to express creativity
we are human because we all are intelligent,
we are human by setting our boundaries,
we are human by conforming to universal design for society,
and most importantly,
we are human because we all matter,
We are human
We are thou
We are them
We are here to spread our message
whichever way we communicate
whichever message we want to spread acceptance
as we are thou and we are imperfect.