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A poem called, “I am Thou, I am You”

I am Thou, I am You,
by theamazinJ

I speak,
and am not heard,
I speak,
and no one listens,
I write,
and no one cares,
I type to speak,
and no one appreciates,
I paint,
and no one learns,
I sing,
but I am booed,
I try,
and no one likes.
I am open minded,
and am told I am not,
I am empathic,
and told I don’t care,
I am caring,
and told I am hurtful,
I am a good person,
and told I am cursed.
I am intelligent,
and told I am a burden.
I have potential,
and told I am a loser.
I have greatness deep down inside,
and told to shut up.
I am me,
but no one cares who I am.
Frustration deepens inside me,
and I need to run.
Frustration deepens inside me,
and I need to flee from where I am.
This frustration is painful from society,
and I don’t know what else to do.
I know I am not anything what
society thinks of me,
I know I am not anything
of these horrible things.
I am running,
I am walking,
I am climbing the highest mountain,
but most importantly,
I know I am never alone.
There are so many others out
there who feel the same way.
It’s painful that society
treats cultures of people this way,
like we are mutilated,
like we are nothing,
like we are garbage,
like we have no faith,
like we have no goodness inside
to help the world in any way.
I am open
I am smart
I am kind
I am empathic
I am so much more than
society makes me out to be.
I am greater than many of the others
who society thinks more of.
I am humble
I am easily to talk to
I am artistic
I am musical
I am inventive
I am creative
I write with passion
and I am a star
who will shine brightly
when I eventually go back to where I came from
in the stars.
Why does society think less of me?
Why does society think I am less than human?
Why do people be so cruel?
Why am I not seen as a person who can do well?
I am
I am
I am any person like anyone else
who can make a difference
I am gold
I am light
I am diamonds
I am a star shining so bright
over you at night
giving you hope,
giving you strength,
giving you brains,
giving you everything you ever needed,
and this is how I am rewarded?
I am faith.
I may be giant,
but I am faith.
I may seem different,
but I am faith.
I may seem like a weird
and monstrous on the outside,
but I am FAITH!!!
Please listen
Please watch
Please observe
Please be kind
Please behave
Please know who I am and others are.
Otherwise things will cease to exist
and everything will exit
and everyone will hurt
and everyone will have pain.
It does not have to be this way,
It does not have to happen,
If only we look into a mirror now,
and change society from the way it is
right now.
By looking into the mirror,
we see our dreams from Erised,
we see our self from who we are,
we see what we can change,
and we see the love that everyone can endure.
Love is great,
Love is pure,
Love is the ultimate test for all of us,
I am faith.
You can either test me or love me.
Please don’t test me,
and love the incredible beauty
I pursue.
No one is a burden
No one is evil unless you create it
No one is garbage unless you put them in the trash
No one is unloved
No one is cursed!
We all can put our heads together
to build a world
I want,
I care for,
and I supported all these years and even built.
Stop the rhetoric of trying to figure out,
Stop the insanity of changing my creations,
Stop trying to be hurtful,
and allow everyone to be who they are!
A guiding light softens us,
A guiding light penetrates our soul,
and replaces our inner being with
the many colors from the spectrum.
The colors fall into an arc over the mountain,
and we call it a rainbow.
I love you,
so why do you not love me back.
Everyone is here for a reason,
so stop being racist,
so stop being against people who are anywhere
different from you,
and just believe that
people can do anything they put their hearts
and minds to.
Teach and learn from each other,
Guide each other,
communicate with each other
with each other’s ways of communicating
and using language,
and most importantly,
please do not end a life unnecessarily,
allow people to live
allow people to fully live
and allow people to work to
help the world in their way
no matter how big or how small.
Please don’t judge,
please don’t curse,
and please do not hurt or kill, even in war,
otherwise any of these things
will need to be explained,
will need to be reviewed,
and will need to judged.
Being human like society is,
can be hurtful,
but it does not have to be.
We we can all be loving,
we can all be kind,
we can all construct a world
with no hate.
We don’t have to be afraid,
we don’t have to be angry,
we can just be happy to be alive
and to be in our communities we live in,
in society.
Be well,
Be strong,
Be proud,
Celebrate you,
but most evidently,