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A poem called “A History of Who You are is No one else’s”

A history of who we are,
A love of the great people in our life,
A feeling of spirit,
A feeling of hope,
Triumph that we endure,
Sometimes we cry,
Sometimes we melt,
Sometimes we smile,
Sometimes we embark on a journey
with our passion to take out our anger,
and bring in the loyalty, fancy, starry
night in us to create a bundle of joy
and rainbows.
It’s not always easy,
It’s not just being the same,
It’s not always jolly,
It’s not always what we think it could be,
but in the end, it’s our time,
our life, and our way of how we want to live
with our fulfilling success.
We make our life the way we want it to be,
sometimes people disagree,
but it’s still our life,
sometimes people try to influence us,
but it’s still our life,
sometimes people tell us to identify
their way, but it’s still our life.
However, it’s just
the way it is, and people
need to realize what it takes
to live a self-determined life…
Be bold, be beautiful, be yourself,
but most importantly be kind to YOU,
since you are the only you in the whole
spectrum of humanity living with diversity!