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A poem called “A Darkened, upside down Rainbow”

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A Darkened, Upside Down Rainbow,

by theamazinJ

Quiet in the field,
I reach for hay,
I sit down on a rock,
and I look into the distance.
suddenly, I see
a rainbow in the distance,
it looks unusual
it looks peculiar,
it looks revealing,
it looks profound,
it does not have the
bright colors
it used to have.
The rainbow has been darkened,
it has been tossed out
by the streams of black rows
of evil swirling from space.
What happened?
The rainbow fell,
the arc of the rainbow turned upside down,
and the feelings everyone has
sounded off in horror and anger.
What have we done?
It is a troubling question.
What can we do?
It is a troubling answer.
It is a catch 22 of horror
that we seek
to rebuke, but can’t,
that we seek
to solve, but can’t either.
Sometimes we think we can,
and that only drives us
madder and madder as hell.
the madness drives us
to not think,
to not be logical,
and to think too emotional.
The arc of the rainbow
is a sacred covenant.
It is a holy wholly purely
spiritually mention of diversity
of neurodiversity and of
growth of the world,
though, we saw it not,
instead we saw it go bad,
go evil, and go sideways
and upside down into the night.
What can be done?
diversity of the human race
from neurodiversity
to diversity at larger view,
this is the only way
for everyone
to debate,
to envision,
to listen to different views,
to see different things,
and to accept
and to understand
the differences in our world.
how to rebuild the arc of the rainbow?
the rainbow is pure
the rainbow is bright
the rainbow is colorful,
and the rainbow is dark now,
respect the rainbow,
respect everyone
respect nature
respect everything you see around you,
Most importantly,
respect the future
from your interactions
with nature,
with people,
with other living animals,
and with how you do things
as we are personhood,
The rainbow guides us,
the rainbow purifies us,
the rainbow gives us answers,
the rainbow needs our help.
Let’s bring back the rainbow
to bright and full of colors,
allow it to flourish
with the multiplicity
of the human race.
For I am used,
I am scattered around,
feeling undignified,
not respected,
and hurt
with a run of blood.
Though, the rainbow
guides us all
to feel proud,
to feel happy,
and to feel
a part of the natural
personhood we all are
and maintain.
I will feel respected,
I will feel dignified,
and the rainbow
will give all of us
the distinction of
who we are as
I am thou.