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A Poem called “A Crying Call for America”

A Crying Call for America,

by theamazinJ

I am sad.
I feel angry.
I feel mad.
My tears are flowing.
America the beautiful,
the America I thought was beautiful,
instead is America the bigoted,
America the ableist,
America the heterosexist,
America the racist,
America the misogynist
America the antisemites
America the islamophobes
I feel sad.
America, I thought you have learned from your past,
America, Why?
America, How could you?
America, the inexperienced
America, How could you be so inexperienced?
America, voting for inexperience in a election?
America, America, the one I thought was so beautiful,
America created the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights,
however, America did not adhere and abide to their own rules,
America needs justice,
America needs our activists like me to fight,
America needs to value everyone
America cannot be hypocritical
America, how dare you be hypocritical?
We are supposed to value each other regardless,
instead we have bigots,
instead we have horrible people running in government
for the next 4 years as president,
for the next 2 years in congress,
America, all its citizens are going to fight,
we are going to fight your bigotry,
we are going to fight your ableism,
we are going to fight your heterosexism,
we are going to fight your racism,
we are going to fight for women,
we are going to fight for jews,
we are going to fight for muslims,
we are going to fight for equal rights for all,
America, we are going to abide by the bill of rights,
America, the first amendment stands as our freedom,
America, we are going to defend ourselves during much needed times,
America, America, America, we will defend the ADA, IDEA, and CIVIL RIGHTS laws,
We will make sure the popular vote is going to adhere for president,
We have every right to do this for HUMAN rights is our CIVIL rights,
Everyone deserves it,
I can only cry for so long before I fight harder than I ever have,
as an activist,
as a change maker,
as a peace maker,
as I ensure every voice counts
and every voice matters as a citizen of this country,
Fight, Fight, Fight
Let’s stop the bigotry once and for all,
Let’s get the most experienced and open minded people in government
Let’s kick out the inexperienced and closed minded,
and most of all,
Let’s create community once and for all,
supporting everyone,
listening to each other,
speaking in settings where every voice is heard,
working side by side with everyone around us,
let’s just make sure disabled people’s lives are valued, consistent, and heard
like any other voice out there,
and let’s identify with whatever intersectional statuses that makes up who we are,
It does not matter if we identify:
as disabled,
as Straight,
as a woman,
as a man,
as non-binary genders,
as muslim,
as jewish,
as christian,
as black people,
as latin people,
as indigenous people,
as whatever we want to say we are,
because in the end,
we are all human,
we are all living self-determined lives,
we all want to have our own direction in our lives
to do the best we can do for ourselves and the community,
because we are all interdependent,
and all our voices matter,
not just the supremacists,
and as a community,
support matters
even when someone needs benefits and supports from the government,
even when someone does not need these things at the moment,
because we all live interdependently,
we all know disability is part of the human experience,
we all know what we have to do for each other,
we all need support,
we all need are own space,
we all need are own tribe,
we all have our faith regardless of the interpretation,
regardless if we believe in faith or not,
and once again,
America, be beautiful once and for all,
not great, but strong and beautiful,
beautiful in diversity,
beautiful in neurodiversity,
Thank you for everything the founding fathers and everyone else who made the amendments for us,
It’s a good plan,
Stop fighting the plan,
let’s all abide by it and fight for this plan,
Enough said.