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9/11/II Tribute


9/11/II poem by Jason Ross

Sometimes our hearts fall in to what
we may call a trap,
We hit rockbottom
and the days seem longer.
Something spills inside of us
to reveal the uttermost tears
filling our eyes to the outside world.
Our blood is spilt, ready to pour out
in to the liberating field of our
body. We cry as we see the outside
world changing, we walk down our streets
knowing we feel too sad.
Our lives are cautious from this day forward,
our minds are wandering in to a new
dimension. We see what happened
on that day of 9/11/01 as we notice
the changes taking place.
10 years later, we can still
remember, remembering the
life we lived back then,
and planes soaring in to the sky
through buildings and forests.
Today on this day of remembrance,
we concur that our faith still exists,
our lives have come together,
and we bonded with the rest of society.
It doesn’t matter what kind of person
we are, it really does not matter,
all that matters is how united
we become. By the end of each day
especially on 9-11, 10 years after,
no matter what happens,
whoever the person is,
wherever the person lives,
and whatever the person does,
we become united.
The union becomes difficult to
keep up with these days at times,
but no matter what our union
should give us or take from us,
we should feel feelings of joy
comfort, and love. Sometimes our
lives feel threatened,
sometimes the fear becomes stronger,
and sometimes the fear just inhibits
us from doing anything.
The more our society comes together,
the stronger we become against that fear,
that loneliness, and we feel the solitude
to live our lives independently away
from our fear, but still connect.
Sometimes we may feel trapped, sometimes
we may feel hurt, and sometimes we may
feel like crying to the beat of our own drummer.
Most importantly, we consider 9/11 a day
to forget about our problems, just be,
and love every part of nature and people.


I sense the difficulties every one has these days with keeping and/or maintaining a job, realizing this difficulty we have grown far a part from each other. Society gives us something good in our lives and we need to appreciate the gifts in life we receive. Sometimes in life we just need to love more than we ever have. I’ll remember you, will you remember me? Remember 9/11 brings us closer and more united. That is a saying we need to hear when a person moves on from us. Always remember that as you move forward in your life. We need to always look to the future and look back only for just a glimpse since we are always watched by those who have crossed over until it is time to meet them once again. Listen up, we need to live together because we are all connected finding our way to be united. Life is a journey and no body can do it without any support, but we are still independent. Independence does not mean no support at all because we are interdependent. Interdependence means we need to have the support to walk by ourselves, eventually doing it on our own. In the end, we cross over to the other side feeling achievement for what we did. ¬†We care too much about those people who died in our past, but life is a sky full of lighters (angels) who guide us through our life. We need to come together united always and give anyone support forgetting what we represent. Live your life, live it well, and never let any one out of your sight who could potentially help you in situations where you need help. Its our only chance, our 1 chance to change, and always be united.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you remember what your life can do to help another. Life is too precious and too short to think about yourself.

posting more soon,