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Don’t Forget About this Awesome Event on June 18, 2014, Autistic Pride Day on Drive Mom Crazy Blog!!!

The Autistic Artistic Carnival is coming soon this June, Just a Reminder that Beginning April 1, 2014, submissions will begin to be accepted for this Online Carnival on Drive Mom Crazy Blog until June 13, 2014. The event will mark it’s 5 year revolution to show what Autistic people can do for the world!! So, get your pens ready, get your easels in your hand, get your microphones on, your acting prepared for a movie, play in a documentary, and your thinking minds on to create or invent something new to share on this blog for the 5th Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival!!! Think outside the box, be creative, or think to invent too! Let’s build up something great and extraordinary and show everyone what we Autistics can do too 🙂