My Fiction Stories

Welcome to my fiction story page! Here you can find links to all the fiction stories i have written.

These are all works of fiction and all original.  I would love to hear your feedback on the stories.

Aspergia Greets:
This story is about the adventures of J from the land of Aspergia as he quests to find out what the world is like.

The main characters are:

Chapter 1 Introduction to Land of Latin
Chapter 2 – Land of latin
Chapter 3 – Land of lain continues
Chapter 4 –



Gregarious Revolution:

This is the second story i ever did,  a good vs. evil story that teaches us to move forward and live better.
the main characters are: Light Year Man, Regina, and Flash Forward

Chapter 1 –
Chapter 2 –
Chapter 3 –

Something the Lord Made:
This is my latest story. its about the adventures of 2 psychic who befriend an Autistic child in school.
the main characters are: Avrila, Apelarto, and the little Autistic child named Kelvin

Chapter 1 Avrila comes to America

Chapter 2 The razor that leaves your soul to bleed

Chapter 3 In terms of Endearment

Chapter 4 Meeting a Special Friend

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