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Struggles for Control and Supporting Individualities within Caring Communities

Everyone in society likes to be in control. Being in control of another person is not being a community. Everyone loves it because they feel they have power over others. This also creates entitlement, sadly. It means that people tend to love their ego over themselves that they lose sight of who they are. Ego controls not only the person, but can control others within the community as well. If a person loses control over others, they will do harmful things to society and/or themselves. The only control we should have is the control of ourselves while following the laws the community created. By controlling what we do without experiencing being in control or being controlled, we become a better person within the community.

So, how did Control start? What does being in control mean?

Control means from the dictionary, the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events. When a person is in control of others, they lose sight of their own humanity, and their ego gets in the way. However, controlling others is something that happens because everyone feels they can not trust their peers. To build trust in others, we need to all let go of our fears and build community.

Community means from the dictionary, a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. However, it’s more than that, community is supportive of each other, it’s building relationships, is giving each member of the community the right to speak their mind, is about listening to everyone, it is not having a leader controlling others while instead mediating others, and being happy for everyone in that community who shares with all their peers. Community is not having a leader, community is not having one person in control of the whole community, and not having people in the community living exclusively in richer love than the others. No one needs to use their own agenda as the laws for the community because everyone practices the community’s bill of rights and commandments that everyone feels they want from the community. Everyone votes on it and practices the laws. An agenda everyone has for themselves should be individualized for that person only to build self-determination.

Looking back in History, there has been much control over others losing sight of our own self. However, if we look back thousands of years ago when the first Human beings were around, we didn’t have governments set up, we didn’t have religions, and we certainly didn’t have people controlling each other. There were just small tribes in the world building up the Human race with their own faith. Everyone lived with self-determination, but their were no laws or rules. There was just our human nature. However, being able to create a safe community, leaders were created to ensure every member of the community had support for everyone’s needs and wants. If the majority of people wanted certain rules or laws to be created for a safe and supportive community, then the community needs to follow those laws. Laws change in the community with every generation. When generations collide on theories of law like in terms of what Humanity would need or want, we begin our free will to argue and fight. For example, the fight between the Autism and Autistic communities. As the community grew in the past and continues to grow, the people do too, but so do their egos. As egos grew stronger, controlling others began becoming stronger within the community. These laws are what we call government today with the leaders we vote for to fight for what we want and need in the country we live in.

The United States is a free country because it’s a country where it’s citizens can talk to each other about what laws we don’t like and what laws we do like. Laws need to be followed to help guide us with living our own life. Everyone needs to know that the laws help support and protect us at the same time. We can not have anarchy anywhere in the world because human nature does not allow us to since there is ego.

Now, the Human race is more than 5 billion individuals in the world with millions of communities for people to live in different governments, and we have lost sight of the first community thousands of years ago which began humanity. Everyone has different perspectives, everyone has different ways of doing things, and no body is being supportive in the communities anymore. Instead everyone wants to be in control. Society even created the media to control what people will see by controlling what they want us to understand about what goes on in the Human race.

All in all, the community who has their individual people with their properties and practices which make them the person they are, can trust each other gaining invaluable interaction and experience from each other. We as a whole community wherever we live in the world need to continue supporting and promoting safe space, secure home life, and rules everyone can follow. We all live in this world to encourage each other to fulfill our paths whatever we do to contribute without controlling any one.

Out, J

Neurotypical Documentary to be shown on PBS POV!

This post is to inform everyone that Neurotypical, the Movie documentary will be playing on PBS POV this Tuesday, July 30 at 10pm eastern time. As many of you may have seen, I reviewed this movie during the Summer Rooftop series in Brooklyn in 2011. Please read my review of this documentary here!

Please also read the Press Release from PBS, here, too!!

Don’t forget to watch an interview on PBS POV Tuesday, July 30, from 2:00 to 3:00pm eastern time, with the filmmakers Adam and Ron Larsen who will also be with one of the subjects from the film, Wolf Dunaway! I will post a link to the live stream on Tuesday!

Please watch the trailer either here or on the link to my review in 2011 on DMC!

Watch Neurotypical – Trailer on PBS. See more from POV.

First and Foremost in a new era

Like many of you know now, President Obama is doing a good job and is supporting a Newspaper Bailout.  Things are changing as we speak.  Many people write their own news on Blogs on the internet.  I do understand some of what President Obama is saying in regards to the news.

Anyway, I really enjoy this website I have of my own.  I get to write different things especially my creative writing.

New poll question today about President Obama’s newest issue being brought up.

Things are the way they are because every one has an opinion.  Many people don’t realize what is in control is the fact that we all have our own ideas.  These ideas incorporate us to share opinions with each other.   Not every one agrees with everyone else’s ideas.

Faith is hard to interpret.  It is a New Year now and we have to start trying to come together.

posting again soon,

Spending time wondering about my future

Have you ever wondered about your future? Do you think you are going in the right direction? I work with a cardiologist for over 3 years now and have gained vast amounts of experience. I enjoy learning. The question I want to know is there a limit to the amount of different types of studies I can do. I am an ultrasound tech who performs cardiac and vascular, but I wonder if I should to do general ultrasound as well. It would be really nice for me, but I really love Vascular Ultrasound the best. Vascular Ultrasound is very unique because I get to spend time not just on one particular area. Now I can do both! Someday I would really want to learn Pediatric Echo also because I want to work with children. I have a friend who does Pediatric Echo in the Bronx, but I have not heard from him in a long time.

I wonder sometimes if I can ask this friend of mine to teach me Pediatric Echo as an added Bonus for me. I don’t know how to get in touch with him anymore. As a Vascular Ultrasound and Adult Echo Tech, I feel my need to complete me.

Once again I am continuing to learn more than I can possibly know in medicine from the cardiologist I work with. It has been a huge blessing for me. If any of you have problems with varicose veins in your legs and live in New York, please contact me on my site and I can put you in touch with my job.


July 4th Weekend coming up so here is something I just wrote

Living is a dream come true. A dream which no body can possibly fathom. It gives our right to speak out about our feelings and what we know to be right. Think about it, if you didn’t live on Earth what would you be doing. You would be somewhere in space trying to move along and can’t. Many people may feel unestablished at the moment, but if you can simply move forward you will.

A funny story on the subway the other day. I was reading and in my own autistic state of mind when a homeless man comes up to me trying to gain my attention by putting his face in my face forcing eye contact. He asked me for money and I knew I could not, so I did not. People beg on the streets, trains, or wherever they can. There is no reason for anybody to feel so low like they are a martyr. Everybody has potential and can do the enjoyable most productive way to live; by gaining an honest dollar.

Anybody in this world can be a contributing member of society. Don’t leave anybody behind, just help!
It is the only way to a working world. Work is work and any body can do something.

July 4th is coming soon and so is more updates on DMC!!! Also, “Adam” with Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne comes out soon enough and I can’t wait. Lot’s of lucky things are happening in my life and especially on the work front.