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Thank you every one for all your support, emails, and comments

It really amazes me how much every one who has seen This Emotional Life in my section are truly inspired.  I feel very happy I can help out so many different people in the world and I will continue to always do anything I can, to help.  I have been reading many emails and comments from my website which have brought many tears to my eyes.  I am speechless just like how I was when I was younger.  I am glad so many people love DMC! 🙂

It is incredible when I read a lot of the posts now.  I promise to reply to every single comment and email I received from DMC, so please be patient.  There are many words to express my deepest feelings for how all of you wrote to me.

Opportunity is always knocking on our door and we need to seize the opportunity we seem to get.

I will be posting more posts every day especially my newest fiction based story Gregarious Revolution. I hope many people enjoy the new posts as much as they enjoy all the older posts.

Thank you all again for enjoying my section of This Emotional Life episode 1 and enjoying the whole series on PBS!

All of you are wonderful! G-d bless all of us…

posting again soon