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Time changes everything

How many times do I need to tell you…?

A question many people tell me and I am sure you have heard the same question to you as well. Time changes everything. No matter how much we go through a day and tell our tale, things change. I know there are a few who go about their business without worrying and absorbing what they need to know. They just live. Things happen and they don’t give a damn.

Many people I know can’t do this. It is human nature to worry. To be human, you must first enrich in the your life to be the best you can be as well as recognize your weaknesses and use your strengths. Your strengths can strengthen your weaknesses, but your weaknesses can weaken your strengths. It all depends on how you see yourself and your life.

Every single time my life changes, time changes. I work, I drive, I feel, I see, I hear, I listen, and I even smell. What more can I do? We all have a talent in this world, it is just that some see it and some don’t. Some who don’t see it don’t want to unmask their true identity to lift out of them. Some who do see it, wonder how life can be so great. Don’t you want your life to be great too!

I wonder what people become of afraid of doing anyway. Some people fear the most, others fear least, but most importantly we all fear what fear is itself. Is there something to fear? or, Are we just fearing just to feel something?

Why do humans have to feel anything anyway? Is it important to feel? I am wondering if man or woman know why they have to feel.

My webmaster told me recently soon every thing is going to be touch screen. This will be a big change for me since I don’t like touch screen on monitors or phones. He told me it is important for humans to touch something. Well, evolution in time comes in many different packages.

BTW, Does anybody else think Atlantis is the future and we are the past chasing the future?

Someone once told me in a Barnes and Noble that Atlantis is the future. We can’t find Atlantis because we are not in the future. He told me we had traveled back in time leaving Atlantis behind. In the future, he told me Atlantis will be there waiting us.

I know if we go faster than the speed of light we go back in time. I wonder if we all put our heads together we can jump forward to Atlantis. We just have all use more than 10 % of our brains, more like 100 % of our brains. (science tells us we all only use 10 % of our brains)

Anyway, good way to start our brains going.

Time Warping now,


Evolution of Mind/Body Matter Part 3…

Learning is a tool where the mind continues to grow.  I know there may be times in someone’s life where they may not seem this way because they are not continuing to grow anymore since what they feel is the pinnacle of what they know, this is not the case always.  The mind is always continuing to learn new things even with individuals who say they know it all.  It is why when I do an Ultrasound, I will look at the doctor’s report while looking at my study I did, determining how I can objectively improve.  I don’t see too many other people doing this like I do.  I will criticize every little nick and cranny of my work trying to reveal a mistake I made.  It what was instilled in me by George Berdejo and the rest of his labs when I went there to learn.  It does not matter whether it is an echo, stress echo, or a vascular procedure, I will do the same thing over and over again.   Sometimes I still go there to learn or to confirm something which was a vascular study I did. “It takes time, precious time, It takes a whole lot of precious time….” by the George Harrison song “To do it, To do it, To do it, To do it right now.” I don’t remember what the name of George Harrison’s song is at the moment, but it is from the 1980’s.  He also sang in this, “I got my mind set on you, I got my mind set on you.” It reminds me of thinking I got my mind set on Ultrasound and g-d.  Thank you George Harrison.

The mind is a universe of space in our heads which is infinite learning.  It is scary how infinite learning it could be.  Think of how many times we have learned something new in our lifetimes already.  Well, that is infinity + infinity + infinity by the time we pass on to the true Universe of heaven after we are old and gray.  It is incredible.  No body has ever reached their pinnacle in this world. I mean No Body!!!!

The mind and space-continuum go hand in hand.  Mind, Time, Space, and learning new skills or knowledge is our passions of life. Everybody has a different passion in life, Go and find Yours! Don’t go for the job with more money and no passion because then there could be a crisis later on in life.  Take it from things you see in movies or I am sure friends of yours who have had a crisis. I will not, I have my passion and holding it right where its at.

I will continue to enjoy learning objectively how to get better, this way somebody might say “Geez, I have to do the same thing too. Jason was always right. My mind is like an infinite Universe of learning.”

More to come with this topic soon.  I hope it is starting to get very interesting.


Evolution of the Mind/Brain matter 2

The evolution of the mind/brain matter is a very important tool to changes in the human body.  The human mind is very complex and infinitely powerful.  No man-made computer could ever become a faster system than the human mind. For example, It takes a long few extra minutes for a man-made computer to do something for somebody than for you to think about anything in your head.  I wonder how many chips are in our heads to keep on learning new concepts and generating new ideas.  We all start with a concept of our own mind which our genetic make up first consisted of a single individual.  The first genetic make up branches out in to many particles which form with other branches to express these genes to form our minds.  A genetic preexisting creation which our external environment influences.

How many people think about this mind/brain matter evolution?

Any animal in this world is considered to have a mind/brain matter which reveals our primitive sides to our most advanced stages.  Right now like I said back in September we only use 10 % of our minds.  This is incredible!  If only we could use more of our mind, we would be able to do more extraordinary things for the individuals of this world.  Who knows if we’d even be able to establish a world of better government or may be one with more equality amongst individuals.  There is a difference when we use more of our minds.

The inspiring stories of anybody on the Autism Spectrum is different than the stories of Neurotypical Minds.  A different story to tell is one with my friend Manny who wants to do research eventually, but first must get his doctorate.   I believe my friend will be able to do achieve what he wants one day  and eventually we will see him getting his Nobel Prize in research. I’d be glad to say, “I know him.”  The other story is my experiences working in the medical field as an individual on the Autism Spectrum. The Autistic mind is very different than anything anybody has ever seen.  It is why the mind creates different stories especially for a person on the Autism Spectrum.  Some people feel an individual with an Autistic mind needs to live more Neurotypical for many reasons, but I feel we can all learn from each other whether we are considered Autistic or not.

Isn’t life a learning experience anyway?

I feel the mind is a necessary tool for all of us to learn about and to know how to use our mind to comprehend wisdom we all would like to know for each of us as an individual.

I will post later on to discuss further details in to this topic. It is a fascinating subject to talk about how the mind becomes developed by genetics and later by our own personal experiences.

Take it easy,


The evolution of the brain

Evolution has changed many things in our past in regards to living cells.  A single living cell in Human beings for instance has changed many aspects of our mind and body.  Our brains have changed considerably over centuries since the beginning of the human race.  History has shown the brain to have changed the most.  The brain and mind changes all the time.  We are learning many things in our minds every day.  Our minds have experienced changes in our lives which then experience changes in our behavior.  Many people have recognized very recently there are two types of minds in the world, A Neurotypical mind and an Autistic mind.  A neurotypical mind has many of the instincts and social behaviors in which an Autistic mind does not.  An Autistic mind has quite the opposite of the mind of a Neurotypical.  An Autistic mind has to try and adapt to the Neurotypical mind because the Autistic mind is not accepted as much in this world.   The Autistic mind thinks about different survival tactics.   My Autistic mind which is on the other side of the spectrum has observed many different Neurotypicals and their behavior.   The observations I have noticed in my life about Neurotypical society in men and women are the social aspects of their behavior and the instinctive feelings they have.  For instance, the instincts they get at home, at work, and with their friends.   Neurotypicals know how to change their instincts as soon as they leave one area such as home to another area such as work.  Home and work are two different areas of a person’s life.  At home a person may act one way, but at work they will act differently.

I know you may feel I need to explain more, and I will explain further tonight…

have a good day,

out, J

The VNUS procedure for Varicose Veins

If anybody needs varicose veins taken out, please do not hesitate to contact me! My boss and I can help you out.   It is a simple procedure using Radio frequency Ablation to rid of the Varicose veins by closing the main vein in the leg which supplies the varicose veins.  Before the procedure is scheduled, I check the veins for Venous Reflux which is blood that is not going back to the heart instead it is staying in the legs.

Many women and men have this problem especially when they tend to be either on their feet a lot or stuck sitting on an office not moving putting pressure on the legs.

Come on down if you have a problem and my boss and I can help you out.

If you live in the city, its easy you just have to travel not too far to Yonkers.  If you live north of there, its not too far still because all you have to do is drive on the highway and its right off the highway on McLean Avenue.

Take a drive,  take a train or take a bus!  Find me there so my boss and I can help you out.

Remember when you think of an awful feeling in your legs, Think Veins, Think VNUS!

The VNUS procedure has been around since the early 90’s.

It’s okay to have a varicose vein problem because something can be done about it now.

anyway, take it easy and I post later on,

out, J

PS if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to Contact Me or leave a comment!