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A good question for Apple Computers to possibly do…

How about if Apple Computers creates an Diagnostic Ultrasound System that is a Specific Voice Recognized, Touch Screen?

They would blow away all the rest of the Ultrasound companies and every thing would be Apple. How would you like them Apples? Move over Philips, GE, or any others Apple could blow you away if only they did this.

The Machine would know all knobology as the Ultrasound Technologist scans an a part of the body, the Technologist would just ask the machine to change features to get a better image!!

Start moving along so Apple Computers can create this system. No more stretching to push a button or move TGC’s, all you have to do is hold a transducer, scan and know your anatomy. Perfect!! It would make Venous Reflux studies so MUCH BETTER!!!

Posting more about this very soon,


How better to serve our patients in Ultrasound Technology

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Should there be Standardization in Ultrasound Technology?

Every place which does Ultrasound Technologies specialties such as Echo, Vascular, and/or General Ultrasound seem to be doing their own thing and not doing Standard Protocols. Is this the right thing to do?
Inter-societal Accreditation Commission seems to think so as well as the U.S. Government…
Ultrasound Technology and Medicine in general seem to be changing more each day.
Should there be a mandated protocol system for all places to give patients a sense of value to their care?
Does it not matter to have a mandated protocol system for all places since technologists should know how to think critically?

YOU be the judge!

anyway, post coming soon about this hot issue…


Two Parallel worlds on One Earth

Every time I walk in the city or my hometown, I observe two parallel worlds on one Earth. President Obama is trying to do something to constructively make American citizens live in harmony, but is struggling like any other President has in the past to get his agendas passed in to law. I wonder if President Obama had a chance to read my letter I sent to him and Joe Biden before they were elected. If the two of them did see the letter, it should make them think really hard about the general public. Jobs, healthcare, Neurodiversity… “Nothing about us with us” as the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network states every day. We pray he creates a life of harmony in America and the world.

One world is the Autism Continuum. Many people say any body on the Autism Spectrum has to be weary when telling others they are Autistic. Autistic could mean those people on the Autism Spectrum with Autistic Disorder constantly flapping their hands and not being able to talk. I prefer to say Autie/Aspie Community in the Autism Continuum since I believe any body can reach high functioning Asperger Syndrome in adulthood just by early intervention. It is important to teach somebody on the Continuum the necessary tools to succeed in this world because any body would be respected more. Otherwise when the person reaches adulthood, they will develop more and more problems.

Another world on Earth is the Neurotypical Continuum. The Neurotypical Continuum becomes a more accepted part of society than Autism by what I observe because majority rules. Many Neurotypicals are afraid of the unknown Autism Continuum. Neurotypicals don’t quite understand it and most doctors who are mostly Neurotypical have a very hard time diagnosing Autism and even Asperger Syndrome because they can not understand. If the Autism Continuum never existed, we would be missing a lot of great talents in the world which makes the world go round. I suppose that the Autism Continuum runs parallel to the Neurotypical Continuum.

Many people don’t like when they see someone they feel is different not acting/performing like them. Two parallel worlds are colliding on Earth. Eventually the worlds become one and every body teaches one another their different ways and sees a bright new way of doing things. There is so much the two parallel worlds can learn from each other if only every body would try to learn and not sneer at the unknown. The unknown can be very scary at times, but you must break away past it. Otherwise any body becomes anxious and worries about life.

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Why Egocentricity is not good

Egocentricity…what a word, what a counter productive thing the world can ever see in a person.  There are two ways a person can be egocentric.  Autistic/Aspie people like myself can be tend to be very egocentric, but it is natural way in which we can’t control. We need to be told not to be egocentric and  in time we learn not to be.

The second form of Egocentric is when Neurotypcial people take it to an extreme called Narcissism. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is when people grow to become egocentric to the point they overgrow their egos.  They become egotistical.  It is like they love themselves so much that nothing else means anything to them. I have met quite a few people in my lifetime who were Narcissists.

Apparently, Narcissistic Personality Disorder is very serious condition.  I try to avoid Narcissists by walking the other way.  They look in the mirror and see beauty.  They don’t care what the rest of the world looks like or is like.  They are so selfish and self-centered, it goes beyond anything else the world has ever seen. Narcissists don’t think of others at all.  

We need to balance our egos.  Ego-balancing is very important for society so no body looks like a pig head.

How can we balance our egos?

1) Look in the mirror with your family not just yourself and say I can help any one who needs it, but also help myself.

2) Walk around town, city, or rural areas helping and guiding others.

3) remember where you came from.

4) remember what GB said in the interview of him on DMC. (George Berdejo)

5) spell it out: LOVE YOUR Friends, Family, and the world.

6) spend time with 1 animal a day to show human-animal companionship.

7) learn from others and don’t forget them.

8) Don’t look down on others.

9) Be happy and let things go!! What’s done is done.

10) Always try your best and be gracious!


It is a balance. A instant balance which humans have trouble with. When we think we become balanced, we become unbalanced.  It is a jumprope,  seesaw, yo-yo type of thing.  There is Ego Pigs, Ego Balance, and Under Egos. We need to all try to Ego Balance ourselves.

Think of yourself and think whether you are balanced.  No body can take the spotlight, the spotlight must come to you. Hurtful you can be, but suffering you will be.  So, never take the road of greed and ego pig, always take the road to enjoy life better.

anyway, hope you all enjoy the week coming up.  May it be a week of love and joy. Work Hard!!

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