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When love makes someone happy you are happy, when love bites, it bites hard…

Love is an everlasting realm of human existance. First you love g-d, then you love your family, then you love people you come in contact with throughout your life that care about you almost like second, third, fourth, fifth, … family.

Basically, the world has love and the world has hate. Love can be hateful, and hateful can be loveful. Love can also be loving, and hating can be hating. When someone says that they hate a particular person it goes very far and wide across this world and beyond.

When someone hates someone else, then there hate goes nowhere near g-d and neither do they. Instead they go to somewhere else that will try and ease they hate back to love.

G-d is love and filled with much of it. He spreads his love to everyone and everything in this world. You either take it and use the love or throw it away like garbage. Love is a present from g-d. Take it or leave it.

Not every one in the world is going to be your friend, yet you have to realize that its not that they hate, because if they do you know where they’re going, its that they can’t accept you for who you are and all your imperfections. comment on something I am misisng.

Anyway, this is the last thing I am going to say. You can love everyone but don’t measure up to them, fend for yourself once in a while and do the things that give you meaning and give you the feeling of something that is yours.

I am the person who can do the right things, be the right person, take care of my own needs without any one else doing it for me, I am the person who believes in himself not needing someone to believe it for me.

And another thing, I don’t need to be nurtured all of the time anymore, may be when only when I truly do need it in times of desperation.

The thing speaks for itself,

Out, J

a store where I live

There is a store where I live called Mr. Oz that sells lottery tickets, magazines, newspapers, and school supplies for the students in public school. Now this is supposed to be a decent place with clean material.  But, yet I experienced something from them very disturbing.   I went to the store to buy a lottery ticket and the Post one day. And the kind gentlemen at the store was at the cashier and says to me. Will that be all, sir? I said yes.  Then, went to hand him the money I owed him and before he takes my money he waits for the store to empty out.  Then he whispers, Psssssssst, do you want to buy something special off of me?  I say ‘What? I am here to buy just these 2 things, NO! Then he says No really I think you might enjoy this. And I say “No.” then he says wait here and I will get it and then you will look and see if you want it. He comes back 2 minutes later and in his hands is a porno dvd.  I’m like, Look sir, I don’t know what your problem is but if I wanted to buy a porno dvd I know where to go,that looks sketchy sir. I am not doing that. He says are you sure? alright, think about it. and I gave the money and left.

What a crock, this type of store is. Why do they sell dirty porno dvds of naked women when they are supposed to be clean and not sell that kind of stuff. I mean there young kids in that store. That drives me crazy.

Anyway, like I said there are places better to buy that kind of stuff you or I want to.

Don’t go to Mr. Oz.

Out, J

What difference does it make anyway?

What difference does it make anyway? I feel that things don’t make sense when I focus on the least important factors such as horoscopes, and what other people think. Yet, I have done it anyway. So, what difference does it make anyway what other people think and what horoscopes think? It really doesn’t matter.

Hopefully things come for the better and thinking positive is very important.  Another important faculty of life is maintaining your finances by maintaining a job someone likes to do, hygiene, enthusiasm and motivation to make one’s life better than it is without complaining.  Mainly focusing on the RIGHT things.

Anyway, here is the conclusion to this entry: Search within yourself, seek and you shall find, Listen to your heart, The end isn’t near until you succeed at what you want.

I always wanted to be a medical doctor, but that will have to wait for now…