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What is the reason for perfection anyway? It is blasphemy!

Every one in this world wants perfection in everybody. However, we must love every creature which lives on this planet the way they are and help them along the way. Since every creature is different, there is so much to live up to and eventually make a breakthrough. We live on this planet because we must go through challenges in this world to become a person. There should be more love, patience, and consideration of others. Too many people in this world don’t want to help and encourage, they just want to tell anybody who is struggling “There’s a problem, let’s find a cure, and life will be better.” I don’t believe those people who believe this are being patient like they should.

An example of how impatient the world is; when any one goes out to drive their car in the morning after a snowy night, people tend to feel the need to leave right away without taking care of their car. Unfortunately, when cars are on the road, the snow/ice on top of the car causes much aggravation for the other drivers. What a shame this world we live in! People who want to achieve anything from small to big successes, have to be tormented by impatient people. There is no reason for anybody to not give them the right to go through challenges in life like anybody else. I know the challenges some people go through are harder than others, but this is why they call it a struggle. I struggled a lot in my life. Sometimes we need other people to help us a long the way. Actually, we need many people to help us a long the way like I had.

I really don’t get it, how can any body want a perfect world without struggles and triumph. Some individuals with Autism may seem like they need more help than others and I know it may seem frustrating at times to know what to do, but we must all put our heads together and use our minds to figure out the answer. The more we use our minds, the more we figure out it was not as hard as it seemed to be.

I know I seem upset at the moment because I think the people who are not struggling as much should care more about other people’s individual differences. Every one can do something in this world which gives them pride. I think we need to all learn to be more adaptive and flexible knowing no body is perfect. Wouldn’t perfection be boring?

Think differently about your life by not escaping reality.


A frustration of mine

There are so much frustrations in my life.  At least it will snow today, which will make more fun at home.  The only thing I need to do is be on top of shoveling once an hour.  At least I can switch off the hour of shoveling.

Posting all day today so I check this site for some updates. I know my responsibilities come first.

Coworkers and How to be a TEAM player

Coworkers can seem the type that are hard to understand and hard to get to know what they are thinking and doing at a particular time of the day during work. First, there are many variables to it.  One it could be that coworkers may not like a particular person in the office because the person they don’t like may seem a bit socially awkward or a bit of a jerk that sits waiting for every one else to do the work or a bit too bossy that the person isn’t even the boss.  Coworkers can have many different variables in how they are.  When every one goes out after to work for drinks to a club or bar, and doesn’t include another coworker it looks pretty bad.  Yet coworkers are not your friends.  They are people you have to get a long with and communicate effectively with to get the job done at work and work as a TEAM.

If that doesn’t happen, then you know there is something dam wrong with that workplace.   That is why every one in the workplace must work effectively and efficiently with each other with as little conflicts as possible.  When there is a conflict then that workplace must resolve it.  Hopefully its a small conflict that doesn’t result in someone getting fired.

Workplace should be like your Second family because when you are not with your family, you are at work working hard, and that is like family.

So, in regards to TEAMWORK, if you must always find ways to work as a TEAM since there is no “I” in TEAM.

Otherwise if you can’t do that, you should not be working or better yet…

Anyway, Communication is the key to a beautiful workplace!


Feeling Stressed out…

Tonight there will be more of Aspergia Greets.  I am feeling a bit stressed out now and can notseem to sit down and write about it at the moment.  I have to get going now as I will write about later.

Life Sucks at the moment, but may be it will pass soon.

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to be with a woman who loves me…

All things happen to those who wait. Sometimes it takes longer than expected.

I wish that that someday happens where I find the woman of my dreams.

anyway, I am tired, I know that it doesn’t matter what background the woman is as long as that she is a good person.  Though, yes Jewish is most perferred since I am jewish, but if I find someone else, so be it.

out, J