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We need a hero!

OR is the hero inside all of us?

Check back later for more posts to come. Remember this is Positivity Month!

In the meantime, enjoy the day…It’s going to be wonderful sunny day! Believe it and it will be…

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Marshmellows are yummy in my tummy especially when their burnt. I love eating burnt marshmellows especially when they are on a stick. Count your marshmellows and make as much as you want. It will make you feel good.

be good and don’t let this get in your way:


One day when I was a child back in the day I dropped a burning marshmallow on my leg while it was flaming on my leg (right side), a friend next to me started screaming in pain as I just stood there not feeling anything.

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Inspirational thought of the day

Reveal your innermost secrets which you have been hiding for years. Unmask your many pretend selves until you reveal your true self.

You’ll be surprised by the outcome. You’ll see something you have not seen since you were a child.

May be this could be the start of moving forward with your life. Smile, it only gets better.

Posting again soon,